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Windshield Leak

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You would be best to pop the glass out of the rubber, remove the rubber from the cab and clean up any rust that may be present. This is usually the cause of windshield leaks in an R model. The rubber seal is not that expensive and depending on the condition of yours, worthy of replacement. If it is not soft and supple it very well may be the cause of your leak.


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Here is the information from the service bulletin I mentioned earlier. I don't know how well this works as I have not put a windshield in in quite some time. This is Mack Trucks prescribed method for windshield installation in these chassis. Also, follow Rob's advice and make sure all of the parts are clean and rust free before starting.

SB 631-001.pdf

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Call the dealer and tell them what happened , insist they replace the headline .

Personally I've seen this happen several times before on different vehicles , I would recommend you locate the line coming out of your washer fluid reservoir and cap it off , simply don't use the washer for the back .

When you are getting gas at the station use their window cleaner , shoot for 4 dollars a gallon you should make the person at the station come out and do it for you .

If the dealer wont touch it or gives you the run-around , I would recommend some cleaner in a spray can called Tuff Stuff , it's in a yellow and red can and it's sold everywhere ( Wal-Mart , Auto Zone , Oreilly's , K-Mart ) I've had really good luck with it and it smells great too

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