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Yup,have a set of Magnum stripes waiting to go on! Trying to keep the truck original as possible.

Thats a good deal! i get a lot of grief sometimes because i guess i am a "traditionalist", i just hate to see these trucks "goobered up" with so much junk that they are un-recognizeable! my compliments!...mark

Mack Truck literate. Computer illiterate.

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Any chance of being ready for Macungie? If you need an extra set of hands at the last minute, give me a call.



Doesn't look good to make Macungie. Hopefully will start to paint by the end of the week so that only gives me a few days to put it all back together. I still have a lot of parts not back yet(polished wheels,new exhaust,etc).

Maybe i can get the B model polished up and take it?

Thanks for the extra set of hands!!!

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