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Fuse Box Diagram

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Hi there,

Can anyone please tell me how to fix or any idea's


I doubt it's the fuses. Mine has done that a few times...headlight switch ucks fup. When that happens, the headlights don't work, but all the other lights are unaffected. The flash-to-pass switch on the turn signal lever still makes the high beams come on.

So, I rigged up another switch to get me home. Then, after getting fed up with replacing these cheap-a$$ switches, I made this change permanent by mounting the switch in a blank so that it is in the dash instead of dangling out of it.


It's just a simple on/off...so I have all-or-nothing when it comes to lights...but at least everything turns on.

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I think I posted this before...

DECEMBER 2008 -- Mack is recalling 34,269 MY 1999-2005 CX and MY 2004-2008 CXN trucks. The headlight switch may prematurely fail resulting in inoperative or intermittent headlights. The headlights may not operate properly which could result in intermittent or no headlight function. This could impair a driver's visibility. Dealers will replace the headlight switch. The recall is expected to begin on or about February 27, 2009.

Bulletin SC0342. A jumper harness and relay was created to protect the switch.


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