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Ac Evaporator

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Could anybody tell me what part of the dash i need to take apart to get to the AC evaporator on my CH?????? AC is not cooling as it should and i want to try and clean the evaporator to see if it helps.....thanks

Is the airflow discharge rate from the vents deteriorated from the past, or is the discharge air not a cold as it was? A clogged evaporator usually restricts the airflow through the coil and the discharge air drops in temperature due to the airflow not removing temperature within the coil.

If your airflow is satisfactory, you are either low on refrigerant charge, or have a mechanical problem. Ensure your condensor is clean in front of the radiator to allow proper head pressure during operation.


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That black plastic piece on the passenger side of the HVAC...3 screws are easy to get to, the other is a sumbitch underneath the dash. Pull that off along with the bottom part of the cover to expose the AC and heater cores...hit it with an air gun and/or a water hose. It's a bit of a pain the first time you do it, but afterwards it's a piece of cake. I do mine every spring and even though I have the filters up underneath the windshield it still gets clogged full of shit.

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