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  1. Name: mack ch613 (2000) Date Added: 08 May 2010 - 11:20 AM Owner: ab2 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  2. I keep hearing from lots of drivers on how to stay away from the Volvo engines. So what does that say about Mack???
  3. I heard on Saturday that the new Mack motors are made by Volvo. Does anybody know if there is any truth to that???? I hope this is not true!!!
  4. i'm going to bring it in for a dyno to see what it says. I was also thinking about going with a 13sp to see if it helps but not really sure what that's going to do.I know that Mack says that it is suppose to have high torque but i dont really see it. I have a 93 CH with a 350 and i don't really see the diffrence in performance.
  5. Could anybody tell me what part of the dash i need to take apart to get to the AC evaporator on my CH?????? AC is not cooling as it should and i want to try and clean the evaporator to see if it helps.....thanks
  6. Bigen thats a hell of a truck!!!! in my opinion the nicest truck in this fleet!!!
  7. where is that dealer that you are at MACKPRO?????
  8. alexb


    i was running produce from Philly to Brooklyn every day for a while and my fuel milage was right about in th mid 4's with all the stopping and going. now i run more into Pa or up into Mass and i do much better than that.
  9. i've thought of putting the 13ut was not sure
  10. they have told me at Mack that this engine is suppose to pull like a bear but i don't feel it
  11. i have 2000 with 355/380 engine , 10 speed and 386 mack rears . for some reason this truck dies out when it comes to a hill . even when i'm rolling empty i have to down shift up a hill. i bought this truck new and it has always acted this way. could anyone give me info on this??? not sure what to change or it is what it is.
  12. as long as it's running strong and making you money!!!! that's what all about
  13. hatcity you made my day with that pic!!!! reminds me of the days of hanging out in south beach
  14. real nice mh vision....that was the first truck i ever owend an old superior carriers truck. i'm also from jersey, i live in east rutherford
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