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12V71 70 Brockway

Double L

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Now this is a truck!

You have good taste in trucks! the 361 series brockway was one hell of a truck! never drove a V-12 powered one,but one of the first trucks i ever drove was a 1972 361T,have a lot of great memories of that one. once upon a time they were a real common sight here on the east coast, miss those days...mark

Mack Truck literate. Computer illiterate.

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WOW!!! that looks like one of Ray Lucia's trucks from Lucia Lumber in Agawam MA.If any of you guys are up there stop by his yard on Silver St. He has 7 Brockway's in his garage (MUSEUM) one is a 74 360TL V12 30000 YES thirty thousand mi. on it never had a 5th wheel on it factory air ride 13 speed the others have all been restored.Ray the owner is A very nice guy,he won't let you step on hih truck unless you cover it first or take your shows off. He also has some nice older pete's with Cat 3408's very low Mi. OH ONE LAST THING IF YOU DO SHOW UP THERE DON'T EVEN SAY THE WORD MACK EVEN IF THE GUY YOUR WITH'S NAME IS MACK CALL HIM BILL OR GEORGE RAY'S HEART IS WITH BROCKWAY TO THIS DAY,HE HOLDS MACK TRUCK CO PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR BROCKWAYS DEMISE. BULLHUSK

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