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Procter Mack Moves Antique Mack Loco, Sept, 1982


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I have been struggling to find info on Procter's Mack B-813SX and just when I had given up all hope of finding anything more, Al Bauman managed to find a dated 8mm short video of Procter's B-813SX moving an antique Mack locomotive in September, 1982. It was on VCR tape so we had it cleaned up, shortened the clip and transferred it to DVD and subsequent upload to You Tube. There is no sound and it is a short clip but it may be of some interest to those that know of this truck and the former Procter Co. The link is as follows:

There are some additional "still" photos which I will post in the gallery section. Enjoy!

Best regards,


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Guest 45LMSWM


You are probably already aware of this, but the scenes recorded of the locomotive being loaded were taken at Pouch Terminal on Bay Street in Staten Island, NY, and the final destination in the video clip is the Pine Creek Railroad/NJ Museum of Transportation at Allaire State Park in Farmingdale, NJ. The locomotive, Pouch Terminal #2, is still in storage at Allaire to this day. The RR overpass in the background appears to be the bridge that crosses Bay Street at what is now the intersection of Bay St., Edgewater St., and Front Street.

It's interesting to know that Procter moved the locomtive, as it has become sort of legend around here about the locomtive striking a bridge enroute from NY to Allaire State Park. I never knew that Procter had moved it, and the story had always seemed blown out of proportion because there is not really any noticeable damage to the locomotive that you can see.

Thanks for posting the link and the pictures in the photo gallery. Great stuff.


John Pearson

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Speaking of HO and trucks and trains I went to a model railroad show several years ago at the Eastern States expo in Springfield Mass. There was a movie there being shown about the moving of some defunct New England Railroad line equipment to a museum. All the railroaders in the crowd were pumped up about the train equipment being moved. I on the other hand took note of what was moving the equipment. Trucks-antique restored trucks as a matter of a fact. Almost all were restored Macks. L's-LT's-B's R's and a few Autocars. As I remenber there must have been 50 or so antique restored trucks. They were selling tapes of this move at the HO fest. Stupid me didn't buy one. Maybee someone knows of this railroad move and knows where to get copies. I am sure everyone on this site would like to view this truck railroad parade. Keep the rubber side down. :)

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