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673 Engines/trans.differentials

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Hello You 'all ,

I have a non-turbo 673 w/ 9 speed duplex with, and turbo 673 w/15 speed triplex, and two differentials. The engines are both alledged to run, but have never cranked either of them up, but I could. I need to know if these are still around , dime a dozen. I'm getting ready to clean some stuff up, and don't want to get rid of anything that may be slim pickins and needed by someone. I have no idea as to the value of this stuff.

I also have a new set of 673 injector lines w/factory screw on plug caps. and a rebuilt 673 turbo thats never been out of the rebuild bag. Also, a half dozen or so original Mack 673 oil filters in their boxes. and a 673 Mack air filter w/ o-rings, I also have an air operated tag /lift axle off a 59 Mack. If there is any interest just hollar...Thanks...Joe

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I have a B model with i guess a duplex, 2 sticks with hi an lo on one stick. Have major problem with trans. Could use trans depending where you're located.


That would be a nine speed. .The parts are in North Florida near I-75 and I-10. I get up to PA on rare occasions. Maybe some one here has one that is closer to you ?? I have no idea what the box is worth ? Any input on this ?

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