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We Know Who The Real Racists Are

Double L

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If it was a Republican who said this they would have asked for them to resign and beheaded them. But since it's a Democrat it's ok to make racist remarks. I still don't get why 90% of blacks even support the Democrats, the Democrats haven't done a damn thing but continue to divide this country. Robert Byrd (Democrat from WV) was/is a member of the KKK. But yet Republicans are looked at as slavery supporters. Oh boy people need to go back and read a history book or two because it was the Democrats who supported slavery and it was the Republicans a then newly formed party just like the tea party wanted to abolish slavery. While I'm on the issue of slavery those Southern white plantation owners didn't "own" the slaves. The slaves were owned by the Northern industries at the time. If the North had the climate of the South there would have been slavery in the North as well. It's interesting how little people know about our nation's history. It's comments like that from the Democrats that tick me off. I done rambled on long enough.

Reid Apologizes for "No Negro Dialect" Comment

Fmr. Virginia Governor Kaine Defends Reid's Remarks

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I have been greatly amused by this:

Reason for forming Republican Party: End Slavery

Reason for forming Democratic Party: Oppose Republican Party

Party affiliation of the first black man to be a US President: Democrat

It's good to see that I wasn't the only person who paid attention in US History and Civics classes.

Reason for editing: spelling and grammar.

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I guess what bothers me the most about Reid's remarks is this;Okay,this was one big mistake he made,speaking this way. But we really can't write it off as one mistake,it's much larger than that. If he spoke that way once (and I'd bet it's been far more often,just not as commonly known),it was because he wasn't thinking of the ramifications of his words. So-how many MORE times has he THOUGHT racist thoughts but thought quickly enough to NOT say 'em? How can we ever trust that his attitude towards Blacks hasn't affected his actions politically? I'm sorry-I try to give him the benefit of doubt,but I'll always believe that if those words slipped out once,they've been washing through his mind for a long time,and that alone makes him someone who has no business setting government policies,or making ANY decisions that affect the public. And-BTW-I don't believe his "apologies" are because he's sorry to have voiced his thoughts,I think they're because hes sorry people have heard what kind of man he really is,at a very bad time,for him. And you'll notice I said "Blacks" not Afro-Americans. I referred to the Blacks to make a point;primarily,though,I don't believe in any people but AMERICANS,regardless where they grew up or migrated from. I think if someone wants to throw another country of origin together with AMERICAN,then THEY'RE playing the race card,and that's unacceptable.

Sorry if I'm stepping on any toes here,but I'm really trying to make at least MY little piece of the world,EQUAL.



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Didn't step on any toes at all Speed. I'm tired of all that hyphenated American crap myself. You do bring up a good point and I thought the same thing too. It seems like we Americans all get along and rarely is race even an issue anymore or maybe I haven't been out enough. I don't get why these Government morons keep bringing up race like it's the 1960's. C'mon it's 2010 and it's bad when they are still talking about race. Can anyone tell me why they haven't legalized marijuana yet? :blink:

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Because it's the "Devil Weed". Starts a loooong path down a road of self destruction.

Smoke a little pot, start hanging out with "undesirables", try coke, meth, heroin. In your stupor, you trade with a crack-ho.

Then, you wake up one morning and your unit falls in the toilet.

Success is only a stones throw away.................................................................for a Palestinian

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