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Setting Road Speed Limit

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Just wondering.....on the new models with the Co-Pilot and Guard Dog display, can you set your own road speed limits, or does it have to be done with dealer equipment.

I know I can do my own with Cat and Cummins but not sure about Mack.

Around 2001 and up there was a Co-pilot like screen ( mostly on the CX Vision)on the RH side dash panel (I cant remember what it was called). With that system you could set your own road speed if it was set up correctly by the Dealer. We did have alot of issues with this type system. The screen would blow sometimes during jump-starting when low batteries. I dont know on the old Co-pilot (sat on top of the dash, VMAC II around 1996) and the new Guard Dog (MP engine trucks).

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Thanks Mackpro68. I remember seeing the feature on the 2001 to 2004? models like you say, but I have a Co-Pilot features brochure I got from the dealer for the new MP equiped trucks which shows all the different display screens and I don't see it in there.

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Every new truck we sell, we make sure it has the "Guard Dog" display on it. It dosent cost very much to add as an option when spec'ing a new truck. I think its $300-350 which is cheap when they truck cost $100,000. We had a guy want to add it to his CXP that he bought from another dealer and parts alone cost almost $1000 + labor to install. It's nice when a customer is out on the road and the EML (electronic malfunnction light) comes on he can call us and read out exactly what the fault is and we can get ready or order parts for possible repair while the truck is on the way in. What I like is the customer can see exact MPG instead of him trying to figure it out and being wrong then blameing the truck by forgetting to include all the gallons he burnt while idleing at the truck stop and ect.... kinds puts a stop to the complaning as we have never had a low MPG complaint yet with the "Guard Dog"

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Yes, Mackpro68, I priced a Granite and was really suprised that the Guard Dog option was only like $250.00 Canadian. Same with the difference between rubber block and air ride rear susp. Only a couple hundred dollars.

You said they had problems on the early 2000 models blowing the Co-Pilot VIP screens when boosting......is there a fix for that, or how do you prevent it? I don't imagine those screens are cheap to replace eh?

I know I ordered the Cat I.D. display for my Paystar after I already took delivery of it and it too was $1000.00.

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