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started loosing coolant. found a wet spoot underneith berth found a loose clamp tightend it and thought problem was solved. could not figure out why the over flow tank was allways full and the main tank would be low. coolant use kept increasing got it to fort wayne mack store this morning got it checked out thats when i learned about egr cooler. just passed 300,000 miles so no help from warrenty. is there any other items that are the price of a new car i should be ready to change. it just had a new camshaft installed.

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I do know most 03 models had a lot of egr issues, they should have been solved by now though. There was a 03 Volvo Riechmann Transport that went through quite a few egr's in the couple months I was with them. Good thing it was the only Volvo in the entire fleet of Freightliner's and International's.

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i was told that most went out before the 300k and was covered by warranty, and the replacement has all the issues fixed, at least i did not have to replace a bunch of sensers along with it, was told usually the coolant damages a lot of sensers when it goes.

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