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A Few B Model Questions.

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I recently picked up a '63 B-68 single axle, and have a couple of questions I thought you guys might be able to answer. Here goes:

a). it has the original gas engine in it...what size is the engine ?

B). it has a 5 speed with a high/low (10 total gears). Do I have to 2x clutch it ? What is the proper way to shift through the gears (while not hauling anything) ? I saw a guy on youtube driving a B model, and at times he had one arm through the steering wheel and one hand on each shif knob.

c). are there any manuals available for the B models ? (ie. fluid capacities, etc.).

d). I live in Pennsylvania. I am going to try and get antique tags on the truck. Do I need a CDL to drive it ? (Air brakes, single axle, not hauling a load, fifth wheel removed, and hopefully antique tags).

I thank everybody ahead of time for their help !

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A. The B68 standard engine is a 540 Cubic inch gas engine.

B. You should have a 10 speed transmission, duplex, which is standard in most Mack's for that time, it will need to be double clutched to shift. Their are some posts on the site that go thru the shift patterns with a load and without a load.

C. You can get the owners manuals -lots of time they come up on Ebay- I paid about $30 for the little green manual- in addition you should write to the Mack Museum in Allentown PA and request all of the background on your truck, (make sure to include a donation for the time and work).

D. In PA you do not need a CDL to drive the truck if it has PA Classic or Antique plates. You cannot legally haul any trailer with a load- however most law enforecement in PA will not stop you with a hobby load for personal use. The best thing to do is get it registered as an antique if you only plan to drive during the daylight hours, also you don't need any PA inspection with an Antique tag. If you want to drive at night, then you need a classic tag and requires a once a year PA inspection. Either way make sure you inspect the truck anyway to make sure it is safe and the brakes are good. I have heard of several hobbyists that ignored the brakes and ended up taking a thrill ride they didn't forget, as these trucks are heavy without a trailer or load, so I always recommend checking the brakes out first before driving it!

Good luck and hope to see you driving it in PA to one of the shows, Macungie is a great show here in PA that you can't miss.


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Welcome aboard Micheal.

I see you've seen the Youtube videos(ya that's me in the grey flannel coat). You can drive it as fancy or as basic as you are capable of. Double clutching is the "proper" way, but floating it without the clutch(and using two hands) is also very possible and doesn't hurt a thing when done properly. It will all come with time and experience: you should have seen me TRY to drive mine when I first bought it in 2001!! It looked awfully simple to do, but it took a few years of playing around with it to get comfortable.

There is LOTS of information available here, plus getting ahold of the Mack museum and getting the line sheet and book on your truck. Do some searches and you'll find lots of good reading here from guys with many, many years of experience.



1959 B61 Liv'n Large......................

Charter member of the "MACK PACK"


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Yea and i'm still learning how to change oil without getting it all over the floor. :lol: Take your time with the truck as if your going to have SEX with it. It likes to be rubbed on, talked nice to, and likes lots of money spent on her, mostly likes money spent on her or him. Found out that mine was a male.......cause one day I was looking up at the BullDog and saw that someone had put balls under the back legs. :lol: Lately a transmission man told me to check to see if my transmission had enough oil, cause that can contribute to bad shifting if it is not full of oil.....they leak alot of oil. Good luck and keep us posted on the progress, also take pictures and post them.


mike :mack1:

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