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Super G Constellation Aircraft From Rome Ny To Boeing Seattle

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Here is the link. It's an interesting story BUT, I know, I know, you won't be pleased with the lead V#$@vo truck. Shall we meet in Lititz?



Go to this website: http://www.rbogash.com/Connie/connie-RME-SEA.html

and see all the neat photos and great write up of this old Super G Constellation CF-TGE (Called the Connie for short) Aircraft that was taken apart in Rome, New York for the long road trip in sections in August 2009, to Seattle, where it is now almost completely reassembled and placed right next to WWII Boeing B-17 and B-29 that are undergoing complete restoration for the Boeing Museum of Flight.

Great photos of how this aircraft was moved across our highways from New York to Seattle , including it's arrival at Boeing (notice the good Seattle Sunny Weather).

All three of the above plains are located in the old 2-44 Boeing Plant II Hangar on the West Side of Boeing Field, adjacent on the South side of the old Boeing Corporate Headquarters.

This is the same place that all the B-17s were assembled during WWII, as were a lot of the different types of the old Minuteman Missile Ground Support Equipment that ended up in the various missile silos in Montana/Wyoming?Missouri/North and South Dakota.

This Super-Constellation is a former Trans-Canada Airlines aircraft that had been used in the past as a TCA, which means it has been used to transport Military and other Govt parts and supplies to whereever they are needed to support various govt programs.

It is a very large and long aircraft that is quite high off the ground.

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Thanks for showing the Connie. I have always loved this airplane, used to see them fly in over my home at Berry Field Nashville ( BNA ) the sound of those engines were very powerful and loud. A long time friend of the family passed away this year that flew for American Airlines,his name was Captain Jimmy(JIMBO)Adkins he flew everthing that was available. He was an instructor, pilot on the P-47 during WW2 and came home and flew even the Ford Tri-Motor for awhile.

I think it would have been a real pleasure to have flow something like the Connie. I grew-up living around the airport area and in 1963 a new airport was dedicated in Nashville, so my father took me to see the planes and got to sit inside of a P-51 Mustang. I guess it gets into your blood somehow, so I finally became a private pilot in 2003 after I became fifty years old flying single engine land as most of us do in GA. Good luck on the restoration of the Connie, I hope to see it someday.



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