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Both goodlooking trucks i bet the ole 9500 jimmy has a 671(238) Detroit & 5&2 Tranny or a 10spd tranny! ;)

we had a 74' 9500 single axle just like it but it was white w/ bellyblower muffler(underside along frame muffler w/ downspout Turned to the rightside ) w/ 238 & 5&2 tranny w/ 23k rearend we used a lowboyboy tractor & then later used as a fuel/lube (grease) truck man used to love to hear our driver make that ole 238 jimmy scream w/ a load esp going under a over pass on I-240 Or I-55 Down in Memphis makes fer a heck of a lotta noise under the overpass w/ a belly blower bouncing the sound off the wall (but sweet music to my ears ) B):loldude::whistling::thumb::D

i miss "lil jimmy" he was a good ole truck my pops traded him fer a 4 wheeler bout 8 years back :(

yall have a goodone


You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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