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  1. There's a couple new pics on my album Mike
  2. Thanks Bowtie, I never thought about them. Mike
  3. Looking for glass, Pass side for 70' diamond reo Also door seals glass brushes etc. I'ts that Diamond Reo/White/Autocar/Western star type conventional cab. I know this is a mostly Mack site. But I need help. Any lines on parts or suppliers for this type of thing. help in any way would be greatly appreciated. Mike Wallace
  4. Thanks Guys, I appreciate the info, this place is a great resource for people new to the antique truck hobby or any truck enthusiast. Thanks, Mike
  5. I was at a different RV dealer the other day and he claimied that the Rv trailer king pin is the same as a semi trailer. (I always thought they looked close but never actually measured.) He was saying he's had Semi trucks come in and just hook right up?? If this is true wouldn't it be hard on the frame of the RV? with torsion I mean, most rv fiths pivot L to R a little. Does anybody do this with success?? I was thinking when the guy said it that would be neat for a show just take your "shell" with you. You experts please weigh in.... Mike
  6. I hope that ford bed can take it. my buddy is in a tif with ford about repalcing the bed on his F350 Dually he doesn't use it for anything except toys and a 40'gooseneck camper. He loaded his motorcycle and went to Daytrona and in the time down and back his bed sheet metal pushed down and out of shape almost an inch or two where the wheels were. I'll give you al little leeway that the bike was a Boss Hoss but come-on thats unacceptable in my book, the bike only weighs 1000 lbs. Needless to say, my Duallly is a chebby Hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings Mike
  7. [Let us know when it gets closer I would be interested In it for a parade piece I'm a Volunteer Firefighter that's into restorations of Trucks and farm tractors too check my photo album. Mike
  8. Hi I was wiped from the forums somehow and had to reset everything. Check out my pics in my gallery. Hope to keep posting uninterupted this time Mike
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