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    1995 KW T600 500CAT, 18spd, 60" ADAC, 10 Alums., Digital Dash, Sunroof, 1 pc. windshield,KW 8 bag A/R, headache rack, 2 line wet kit, straight pipe(s), daylight doors, easy reach dash, chromed out dash..... 1969 Mack R Model 250hp 6cyl., 15spd. tri-plex, 46k camelbacks, Needs restored.
  1. I was hoping he would get some hits from here.... The truck isn't on the road currently. It's only been off a short time though. Just because of the economy and he is driving for his grandpa at the moment. It is a turn key ride though. The "Super Dog" just needs a new house to mark....
  2. 1987 Mack Superliner RW613 E-6 350hp Mack turned up, Fuller 9 spd. OD, Hendrickson A/R 4 Bag built for Mack, Stretched 292" WB, 36" Mack Sleeper, New Clutch and T/O Brg., 6 Aluminum Wheels, Straight Piped, 3.90 Mack Rears, Steer tires are NEW, Drive tires @ 50%, Front brakes @ 90%, Rear brakes @ 75%, 11R22.5 Stand Ups, $15,500.00 OBO, Call/Text Davey @ (260)687-9295. Located near Angola, IN. 46703.
  3. Guys! Here it is! This truck needs to find a new home before long.... First $2500.00 TAKES IT! CALL if interested..... Thanks! Ike....
  4. Hey! I think all of Weiss' old trucks for the most part of that vintage went down south somewhere! You found one at Grate's Wrecker service north of LaGrange! Tim won't part with the bulldogs! Here's a few pics. of the new truck. Before it was completed! The old one is NOW available to the first Reasonable dollar figure that shows up; $3,000.00 plus would be nice. No low balling here. It is ready to go to a new home ASAP! Call: 260-367-2203 res. or 260-582-0419 cell. anytime for info. and about purchasing this truck! Thanks Guys! Ike Notestine - Mongo Fire Dept. Captain Mongo, IN.
  5. Hey All! The NEW truck is finally here!!!!!!!! YIPPEEE!!!!! The new one should go into service in a couple of weeks. Still buying small items to put on it. And will be transfering some of the equip. off of this truck onto the new one. It will be available VERY soon!!! So we are ready to start accepting offers (bids)!!! Anyone interested in one of the LAST all MACK built fire trucks? It is an ALL ALUMINUM fire body. Here should be a fair amount of equip. to go with the truck too. Anyone interested - Please chime in with an offer. Or anyone wanting more info., pics., etc. Call the station at 260-367-2140. Leave the message for me. "Ike" and tell me what you'd like to see or know. And we'll go from there. This is a nice old truck for it's age. It is NOT perfect. It has been used as a fire truck. So there scratches, nicks, etc. in it. The cab is starting to show some rust too. It could/would be a very nice parade truck. It would actually make some dept. a nice pumper yet. It's last pump test it pumped 1185 gal. per min. It is a Waterous 1500gpm pump with a 750? gal. tank... May be a 500? Can't remember right now! I think it is a 237hp with a 5 spd. manual trans. We hate to see it go out of service and no longer be used as a fire truck, but as long as it doesn't go to a scraper. And it is taken care of. Then we'll be satisfied.... I spent 5 weeks working at the builders shop to get our new truck finished. Put my business and life on hold and went to work there to insure that we would finally get our new truck! Thanks all for any interest!!!!!!! Ike.... :bmod2:
  6. Hey guys! Long time no chat! Our new pumper is still not built, but it should be del. in the first to second week of February 2007! I'll try and post a pic. or two of the old pumper here and see what happens! Here we go! If I can't get them to work - I will put them in my photo album! A couple more pics.! More Pics.!
  7. Well Guys! The truck has still not gone up for bids! We have run into somewhat of a snag with the builder of our new truck! It was supposed to be done by now! But, come to find out he has pi**ed away a good share of the money that we have payed him so far and doesn't have enough left to continue to build our truck. We are in negotiatons with him now to MAKE him go ahead with our truck and he has been coming up with excuses and more BS than you can shake a stick at! We now have a lawyer involved and are beginning to put on the pressure. And also trying to make him understand that is already one builder in PRISON for frauding FEMA (DHS) "The Feds." and if he doesn't seem to want to hold up his end of the contract that he may very well be the next to become somebodies B**CH! We now have a target date of Nov.4 of '06 (we hope). And I will try and get some pics. taken and posted. I will be gone all day tomorrow tractor pulling - So maybe when I get home or more like Sunday sometime! Ike....
  8. Hey rs! Yep! The old B755 does look good sitting there getting ready to do her thing... As far the the tight squeeze goes. Your exactly right. I get lost in the B755 cab, but can't seem to turn around even in the KW cab... This KDub' has the 60" two bed and the last one had the 72" single bed aerocab flattop! Man you gotta love the advancement in ride, comfort, and space though. When it comes to makin' a livin' with a truck today. Or should I say - TRYIN" to scrape up some sort of existence even in todays truckin' business....... Man is it ever tough these days to do what were out here to do! Haul that freight, del. that freight, do it in a safe/timely manner, do it without being hassled by the law,DOT, 4 wheelers, and scratch/EEK out an existence! To give our families just the things that are merely required to survive! TAXES, TIRES, INSURANCE, FUEL, PLATES, PARTS!!!! Their all eating us ALIVE!!!!! Now I can get of of my POP box and stop mouthing off! Hoss....
  9. Hey Guys! My VFD will be putting up our old pumper for sale to sealed bid probably sometime in Aug. 2006. We have ordered a new pumper and it is due in service by the 6th of Aug. It almost absolutely has to be in service by then! Our old pumper is as follows: 1974 Mack MB600, ENDT673 @250-300hp??, 5spd. Mack Trans., Waterous 1,000 gpm pump that at the last test was actually pumping at the rated rpm at 1185 gpm.... Not too bad for a 32 yr. old apparatus. It will come with the lights and siren, ladders, and possibly a few other things I'm forgetting right now. As far as I know - This is all included. But don't quote me on it right yet! As it gets closer and we do some more decision making I will update the equip. list! I will try and get a picture or two to get on this post for some added info. too! It is really a nice truck and runs out well! Seems to me it will run 70+... It's either 500 or 750 gals. For some reason I can't remember right now. I will check on that too! It has good traction tires on the rear and almost new radials on the front.... It is still in service at this time. We would like/need to see $3,500 out of this truck.... It would either make a small rural dept. a heck of a truck or would make a very nice parade piece too. Oh yes - The fire body is all Mack and ALL ALUMINUM too! I will check on the mileage too! We are the third dept. to own this truck. It has been refurb twice (I THINK).... It started out as an Elkhart city fire truck and then was a Goshen city fire truck and we purchased it from them around 8 yrs. ago +- some. I'd have to check on our purchase date too! Just thought I'd throw this out there for some early warning and info. and see what kind of a response we can get. I'd really like to see this truck go to either a dept. to use or to a collector that will appreciate it. And not let it go to scrap to be junked out!!! I hope some of you are interested anyways! Thanks To All! Hoss....
  10. Hey Guys! Got a picture of the B755 in the album and a couple of the T600.... The B755 is also my avatar now. She's got a load of lumber on headed to another mill about 20 miles away for furniture and trim... The T600 is hooked to my hopper in one and bobtail in the other and all shined up! THe oil by the barrel is the only way for me to buy! That's for sure.... But it's sure gone up substantially for a barrel of oil. Over $400.00 now... Always used Rotella, but now this KW has always had Delvac 15W40 in it. So everything is gonna change to Delvac.... The old Dog has always had D&A Oil in it... Not available anymore - So I suppose it's gonna go to Delvac now too! Gotta fina a distributor for Delvac by the barrel around here now! Rotella is easy!! Go to Rural King is an easy pickup!!! That's not all of the toys, but I didn't think you wanted to read a full page of signature alone! Got royally chewed for that on another site once by a moderator for having too BIG "LONG" of a signature!! I'm just - "A Dog Boy At Heart!" Still gotta love my KW too! 65Bulldog They call me "HOSS"
  11. I was thinkin' my B said "Western" on the tag!!!??? I'd have to go out and check the tag, but it's far too cold here tonite to venture out to the shop for a check!! +2*F right now and on the way to around -5*F I guess! Not as cold as up in WI. though. I heard -26*F right now on the radio a few minutes ago! BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hi Everyone! I'm new here and glad to be here! I am glad to have found this site for the Bulldogs of the world! I Love my old dog and wouldn't give her up for anything! There doesn't seem to be very many of them around like mine. I've only ever seen one picture of another one and it was the blue '67 that was on ebay last week and it was a little different than mine. But, it was still the same model. I think there were only 456 of them made between 63-66! Well anyways - Like I said - I'm glad to be here and hope to make alot of new friends of the dog!
  13. Hi There Guys! I was always to the understanding that an R-model with the scoop on the hood was a 300+ and the R-700's hoods were a different line bcause they were the western Mack. (Built in CA.) 1965 B755.... Always Remember and Never Forget! "IN DOG WE TRUST"
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