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Engine Oil Filtration:


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Here is an interesting article concerning oil filtration on old and new trucks. I found it informative.




I've just now read that article. It is a very informative one about filteration. I've many times thought of trying a magnet on the bottom of oil filters but also thought the wear and tear was so gradual that after the years and time went by that it didn't matter much. I just got tired of the vehicle and would sell it before anything became worn out. The only engine that I recall my dad throwing away was a 1948 Chevrolet Sedan 6cyl. My brother found a 1955 Chevy truck engine to replace the other and dad buit it with a 54 Corvette cam installed. It was a sweet running engine but the only draw back was the low ratio differential it had. Top speed was 80 mph. I remember that it was a joy to drive that car. When I was 14,home from school and no one else around, I would drive it up and down our very short driveway and could shift it into third before hitting the brakes. I could barely see over the steering wheel. My dad would have given me the ole General Patton slap if he had caught me. :D

Thanks for posting the article


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