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  1. Will be cool to see the end product and compare!
  2. The death of a capitalist and free society is when there are enough people to vote in the person that promises the most free shit. There is only so much to go around, both money and workers! I agree, we need to VOTE in the change, if it's not too late, We need to "take out the trash" in Washington and local governments. Most politicians are in office for their own personal gain and ego trip, non of us actually thought they would go without pay in a shutdown, if they had to there would be no shutdown. What scares me is when a dingbat like Pelosi says "the cupboards are empty, there is no where else to cut." Are you shittin me!!!! How the hell does she stay in office?!?!?! That is the mentality we are up against, yes, up against, it's like us against them anymore trying to hold on to a little dignity and money. I'm afraid it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better......
  3. 500 V8, RTO14613R Tranny, Mack rears 3.87, Rubber block rear suspension, newly rebuilt steering sector, all new tie rod ends, new drag link, new a/c condenser included but not installed, A/R cab. $13,000.00 701-391-0624 or rudoilcompany@westriv.com
  4. Do you still have this truck? If so, can I get some pictures, rudoilcompany@westriv.com Thanks, Jay
  5. Can I get some pics? rudoilcompany@westriv.com Thanks, Jay
  6. Call me Jay At 701-391-0624. I am interested and would like to know more information! Thank You!
  7. I am looking for a Superliner Magnum, please give me a call 701-391-0624 or rudoilcompany@westriv.com. JayDee Rud
  8. I am looking for a Superliner Magnum, anyone know where I can find one? Thanks, Jay
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