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  1. Seriously I'm reading about people (Mack owners) complaining about mack power loss, and I'm a driver all my life in the Mack. My 1999 CH 613 was so reliable truck sold with 2 milion miles never problem with anything, but reason to sell was loss of power, gears droped uphill with empty Double drop trailer. Now I have nice ride (compared with CH) CXN613 that was so strong that Pete with C15 Cat could not run away from me on big hills.... until same thing happens. One day it starts idling 500rpm I fix that but turbo boost drops from 40lbs on hill to 28-30  dropping gears on every hill and nobody knows why. I learn a lot about Macks and trust me it's still good solid truck compare to others but this issue really getting on my nerves and I wish that someone of this Mack specialist can answer this Virus attacking this engines, I didn't run into nobody yet but those part changers to ask me did I check this and that...filters 🙄🙄🙄, or telling me it maybe this maybe that. I can't listen to it no more. I love this stubborn trucks but if they don't fix this issue I will be forced to.... buy another MACK 

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    2. megatron


      Today I has broken bolt on EUP right under turbo flange #4 so I take turbo down to get broken bolt out easier. Now I could take better look at EGR valve and I notice it has black dirt over the valve mechanism... than I realized it coming from shaft that operate valve so it may be a problem because it loosing manifold pressure to spin a turbo and from other side it loosing a boost from intake mnfld. I think I'm just going to shat it under valve and try to c whats going to happen 

    3. Mack Technician

      Mack Technician

      You ever consider just putting the EGR delete module in?

    4. megatron


      Yes I did but this valve have mechanical problem so that will be fiirst to go

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