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  1. 1960 B73 with low miles. 20 speed transmission 220 Cummins 16/44 axles Double frame Tires 80% restored 4 years ago Drivable Black and red color History from mack trucks 4th owner Email or call/text for pictures. Trgshamrock@yahoo.com or 281 795 6346 Truck located in Northern Michigan.
  2. I have 2 APE pumps that came off Mack engines. Pumps are good for rebuild First one is 6BB-900-5614-A6 Second is 6BB-900-4494-A3 Located in northern Michigan. Email me for pictures and other tag info. Asking for best offer Trgshamrock@yahoo.com or call/text. 281 795 6346
  3. The 1693 425 or 380 HP engine was a great engine. Only problem now is that the parts are hard to come by even at distributor level and there are not that many guys around that know how to work on them. I worked at a cat dealer for 10 years and have only adjusted the valves on one. I actually have a 1693 in storage that was "running". If your going to get parts i would recommend genuine Cat, sucks but with that engine you get what you pay for when it comes to parts on that old iron.
  4. I have it already on the Mack Museum list. I contacted them a while ago and they gave me the correct wiring harness,assembly info and original dealer who sold the truck. Rockford Mack (Illinois) was the dealer. The folks at the Mack museum are great people, make sure you give and extra cash that you can to keep their support
  5. For sure its the B Series of the 60's. My favorite line up though is the late 80's to early 90's Michigan Special Mack Superliners with the 3406B Cat power!
  6. Yes you are correct. It is a NON turbocharged engine. The horsepower is probably around 190HP to the ground. It runs great. I resealed all 3 heads and installed new fuel supply lines.
  7. My 1960 B73 Project first came to my eyes back in 1981 when I was 5 yrs old. At the time a neighbor of mine restored the truck and used it everyday for hauling logs and pulp wood. Growing up I told myself one day I am going to own that very truck and restore it to the same condition as I first came across it. If you notice the name of the truck is ‘The Fugitive”. It is named that because the truck just will not surrender to the scrap yard or junk yard. The original owner named it that and the truck since being built in 1960 has been called its nickname. My B73 is the first truck I drove at the age of 12. It has sentimental value to me and is the reason why I chose this truck over any other B model that I came across for sale in restorable condition. The truck is powered by a NH220 Cummins with a 20 speed Quadraplex transmission. The miles on the truck are 165,145 miles (that I believe are original). It features a Wet Kit/PTO set up and has the heavy duty specifications of a double frame, 14,000 lb front axle and 44,000 lb rear axles and suspension where installed in the late 70’s. Top speed is at 54 to 58 miles per hour. I currently use this truck for moving forestry equipment with a 35 ton low boy or a 20 ton tag trailer and for show. I tend to keep this truck in my family by passing it on to my son Vaughn when I am old and gray, thus preserving a piece of Mack history and a piece of family history as well.
  8. Here are some pictures of "The Fugitive". Named the truck that because it was always escaping the scrap yard. Feel free to email me if you want to know more about the truck. Pictures have Lake Superior in the back ground
  9. I have a 20 spd transmission, NH220 Cummins (resealed heads, tune up, all new hoses, lubes, oil leaks repaired), 44K rear ends, double frame and a wet kit on it. I am trying to get it in that Watts Mack Calender. I bought all my parts from Watts.
  10. Here are some "Updated" pictures of my 1960 B73. The truck is about 80-90% finished now. Just ordered my last parts this morning from Watts. This truck is going to be used not very often but will pull a 35 Ton matching red low boy.
  11. The objective for EPA 07 is to have NOX reduced to 1.0 g/bhp-hr and in 2010 it will be 0.2 g/bhp-hr. Basically the air it will put out will be cleaner then the air you breathe is the objective. You cannot run any type of fuel, ONLY the ultra low sulfer and the oil has to be low ash, if not you will clog your DPF, which is still a mystery on how it is going to be cleaned. The filter is cordorite material, it would surprise me to see trucks missing these filters due to the scrap market metal price. At 6K a pop you know someone will be ripping them off. Cansaco Brothers (if i remember right) out of Texas has the pipeline of the low sulfer fuel (AKA Bush's buddies--no joke),
  12. Your further off to just go new, i have a few complete engines but why avoid the hassle of old electrical parts, they could work today and quit tomorrow. The shut off celenoids are a dealer stocked item, i have never ran a cross a dealer that didn't have one on the shelf.
  13. For 2007 ALL engines will have a After Treatment Device or ATD. Fuel is going from 500 parts per million to 15. and Oil is going to less then 1 percent Sulfer content. The ATD will be required to be cleaned at 100,000 to 150,000 miles (depending on the engine MFG) and can be cleaned 9/10 times before you have to purchase a new one. The filter is about $6200.00. You cannot remove the filter from the chassis, it is built in to register fault codes. I designed the mechanical diagnostics for the 2007 Series 60 and assisted on the ATD diagnostics.
  14. Now that is a hell of a find! Looks like it is in very restorable shape.
  15. I'll get a picture today, i want to put the spring brake chamber on instead of the big old iron maxi? that i have on the truck Thomas
  16. I want to replace the maxi brake chambers on my B73 with a more modern brake chamber like trucks use today, how hard is that and what parts are required, i would like to see pictures of a set up. I am thinking spring and that means time to restart the resto!!!!!!! Thomas
  17. I work for Detroit Diesel Corporation here in Detroit, You couldnt pay me to put a Series 60 a truck if i was to buy an brand new one. With EPA 2007 coming i would put my money on Cummins, they are ready for it. Caterpillar is struggling with the regeneration. I am both Caterpillar and Detroit Certified. I'll always favor the yellow engines. I have a Dodge with the Cummins (my 3rd truck). I can go 465 miles on a tank of fuel, i get about 21 per gallon, and this is a 4 x 4 extended cab shortbox. 140,000 miles, oil chaged every 4,000 miles and valves adjusted every 20,000. Being Detroit is owned by Diamler Chrysler i can get a discount for a new one but why go new when the old is fine right? I have a B73 with the larger radiator and i "thought" about putting a NTC400 or a NTC350 Big Cam in. I would of course prefer the 400 JWAC Caterpillar!
  18. I would put a NTC400 Cummins in or maybe a 3406B Caterpillar. The older Detroits are starting to become expensive, but you can still find alot of NTC'S and older B model Caterpillars. I have a 3406B if your interested.
  19. I am looking for some cab marker lights that are in good shape. Email me at trgshamrock@yahoo.com if you have any. Thanks Thomas
  20. I have a question here, It has been a while since i took my fenders off my B73 and being my truck is 465 miles away from me i would like to know if someone could send me a picture(s) of how the brackets that mount on the lower front of the cab to the fender go (passenger side). I took mine off for restoration and of course with no manual and being far away from my truck memory slips away. I will post updated pictures of my restoration soon. Winter has set in and i am waiting for the snow to melt to continue with my restoration but i have put back on the mirrors, quarter fenders and flaps to dress it up some. trgshamrock@yahoo.com Thanks! Thomas
  21. Thanks. Like i said i have to install the rubber flooring that i am planning on getting soon from Watts, put the trim on, fenders back on, rewire the front, change all the fluids and filters and reseal the heads. Winter has set in and at that time;my time is limited so i will continue with the project in the spring. The project has taken about 9 months so far, the cab didn't come off but worked around it. I have a before picture i will post.
  22. Thanks. Like i said i have to install the rubber flooring that i am planning on getting soon from Watts, put the trim on, fenders back on, rewire the front, change all the fluids and filters and reseal the heads. Winter has set in and at that time;my time is limited so i will continue with the project in the spring. The project has taken about 9 months so far, the cab didn't come off but worked around it. I have a before pictures i will post. I would like to find some grounding/wiring terminal posts that mount on the fenders, thats what i really cannot find. 6-8 terminal ones.
  23. Barry. Thanks, I ordered all of the parts i used so far from you, Ofcourse I'll be ordering more very soon to finish up. My goal is to make that calander.
  24. Attached pictures of my 1960 B73 "The Fugative" restoration that is ongoing, it is done now till spring. It is all covered up for the winter. All i have left is to reseal the nh220 cummins cylinder heads, install the flooring, fenders and install the new lights and wiring i have.
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