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    75 Chev C60 with rollback and winch, 84 Brigadeer with 240 Cummins, 88 GMC Topkick with 3208, twin screw, 20 flatbed. 60 F 600 dump, 72 C50 with cable tool drill mounted.
  1. Naturally--I'm needing a part for it and naturally I'm wanting it cheap since they are worth mostly what the metal man is paying for metal. I do have one in a GMC Top Kick I use for a water truck. It runs fine and starts with a bump of the key so no need to discard just yet. But it has an oil drip I'd like to stop as plan on towing a 1 ton Ford and do't want my Ford all oiled up. Leak is from the oil filter--cooler combo unit. Has 2 special O rings where it mounts on block. Replaced and same. Cast seems to have a hair crack you can't see with eye as oil seems to just seek thru. I going to find another unit and swap. With all these old engines lying around on their sides there must be a buch out there waiting. Comes off with 4 small bolts--easy if engine out. If not--you need a trained snake with a 9/16 in his mouth. Anyone have one handy??? THANKS!!!!
  2. That 237 sounds great. Are you sure it will fit in length? I've got a steel nose but think it's same lenght as the tilt hood. The Scania is a great runner right now, just looking to the future. That little 170 hp is handling quite a load as this truck never weighs less than 50,000. Goes anywhere---but slow on the hills.
  3. It's a small item that could be shipped easy. Pay good price for a good one that matches my numbers. Thanks!!!!! stardrilling@yahoo.com
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