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  1. Have you sold the cab yet? If not, I'm interested. Greg
  2. There's a company called Grand Rock up in Michigan, they make it all, pipe, 90º's, 45º's, you name they've got it. Their products are widely distributed by the various truck parts houses. www.grpipes.com
  3. The conventional truck looks to have a Bedford cab whilst the cab over is definitely a /50's vintage Commer with modified windshields.
  4. Did you contact Ralph ?

  5. Contact Ralph Atlenweg at Barb Altenweg [ralphtruckskb8@yahoo.com]

    He has three H67's and is scrapping out one of them. Should have what you need. Tell him Greg sent you.

  6. OK SAC, have done. Thanks v much.

  7. Hi there, SAC B52 said that you know of an H Model for sale in PA. Is it still there and if so, how could I get some photos and other details ? Thanks.

  8. If you're still looking for that emblem, let me know.

  9. That red H67 looks to be unrestored !

    Looks great. Do you know of any for sale ?


  10. Do you know if the PA H67 is still available and if so, could you please send me some photos of it. Thanks a lot

  11. I'm restoring my H67 vin H67ST1041 and would like to conatct anybody doing the same or who owns one. My truck had a 6/71 GM fitted way back when, but I've since bought a 237 for it. I wanted to get a 673T, but........

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