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  1. This has been sold, thanks for looking. J
  2. That is probably what the little green men from area 51 told him. They were trying to sell him the Martian fuel pods. On another note, I have sold the RD cab. Thanks for all the help and inquiries. I just spoke to one of my bosses and he was wondering if this would be the place to sell some really old Mack parts. I told him that this would be exactly the place. He is going to try to get a list together of what he has. If and when he does I'll be back on line. Thanks! J
  3. Yep, Florissant is my part of town. Callaway? Isn't that where people still glow after the lights are turned off? One of the free benefits Ameren supplies?
  4. Well, I'm a north county girl so Rob would probably win the arm wrestling. But I could probably take him at darts or pool. If anybody is interested the cab is currently at $3400 and going till noon today. JUST A WARNING THERE IS AN INCH OF SNOW IN ST LOUIS SO THE CITY IS SHUT DOWN! It is amazing how such a small amount of snow can destroy your commute. People in Chicago just laugh at us.
  5. Rob, you're killing me. Next you're gonna be on a skateboard at Ted Drewes.
  6. Nope, haven't sold it yet. Still sitting in the crate in the warehouse.
  7. I do still have the cab.
  8. We have a new RD cab still in the crate for sale in the St. Louis MO area. It was purchased to put on late 90's early 2000's concrete truck but never used. Want to get $3000 OBO.
  9. I know the area myself. I have an uncle that still lives about a half mile from there. He has lived in the same house his entire life. It was known as the Scrubby Dutch part of St. Louis. Sorry to hear you have to fly into Lambert. It's not one of the better airports for convenience. Do you get to travel to any fun cities?
  10. Ah, a southside boy, the cab is located in the Maryland Heights area if you know where that is. It's not too far from the Lambert - St. Louis International Airport.
  11. Have you ever tried F & C Truck Sales and Service in St Louis? That's who we use and they treat us pretty good. Their number is 1-800-873-6225. 1-800-USE-MACK.
  12. I'm not sure what the difference is, I just know that it was purchased for late 90's early 2000's trucks. You guys are the Gurus, the Experts, the Top Dogs, the (wait a minute I gotta put my boots on) the All Knowing Mack Men, I was hoping you would know more info than me.
  13. Sorry, no B models, though I think I would be very popular if I did. I think I will try to figure out Ebay, never tried it before. I'm still trying to nail down a $ amount. I'm helping out a company that is a victim of the economy. They sold several trucks through Ritchie Brothers, not sure why this wasn't included.
  14. I didn't even think of Ebay for something like this. Thanks for the help. The price is something I'm still working on, got this thrown on my lap this morning.
  15. Hi, I am new to the forum and I'm not sure if this is the proper spot for this or not. We have a new cab still in the crate for a Mack truck. It is for a RD model mid 90's early 2000's. Was purchased to replace one on a concrete truck but never taken out of the crate. Anybody know where I might go to sell something like this?
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