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  1. Looking for a set of wooden ladders for my ladder truck 85LS1670
  2. My 53 LS85 ladder truck has a maxim ladder and is in need of a new hydraulic pump. Any ideas?
  3. Looking for L model passenger side bench seat. Mine is on pretty rough shape. Any help appreciated
  4. The company was looking for American made
  5. Also looking for tires.
  6. Lansdowne Fire Co. Delaware County PA has a 54 B Mack. They are currently doing a overhaul of the engine. They have every gasket except one. They are in need of a felt gasket that goes on the front of the engine. It is said its a crankshaft gasket. It was dry when removed.
  7. Albert. I am a member of CLAFAA.
  8. It is actually in Chester right now my dad is the mechanic for the fire dept.
  9. It's originally Goodwill Fire Co of Chester City PA than went to Alabama than to the Hall of Flame than to a private collector whom I bought it from. It is now back in the Philadelphia area.
  10. I recently purchased a 1953 ladder truck. Looking for some items: Front and rear fender gaskets T shaped compartment handles Cab door gaskets and glass Original mirrors (currently has west coast mirrors) Original headlights
  11. Where would the vin be located on an L Mack
  12. I purchased a 53 L model mack from Alabama which was originally chester pa. It does not have a title. How would I go about registering the truck in PA. Thank you for any help.
  13. Need transportation for my 1953 "L" Mack ladder truck alabama to pennsylvania.
  14. I couldn't find the ad. Could you post the link please
  15. I sent you a message about the extinguisher if its still available
  16. Are there any classes out there that teach how to work on the older motors?
  17. Does anyone have contact info for this warehouse.
  18. Can't find it on Craigslist
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