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  1. SOLD>>>SOLD>>>SOLD...wish that I had 2 more sets
  2. Bought from Watts Mack in '04 as a birthday present for myself for my B67. Truck got sold before i had a chance to install them, matter of fact, the box is still sealed. If I remember correctly this was a limitted issue that Watts Mack had reproduced in stainless steel. Obviously no longer cataloged as best as I can tell. $300.00 plus the ride.....for more info drop me a line at mackb67@bellsouth.net . SOLD SOLD SOLD
  3. This getting old just is not what its cracked up to be but I'm still hanging in there. The poor old DM800 ended up supposedy going to Haiti. I had not heard anything from John out in AZ in a couple of years. The ex-AND B67 wrecker got sold a couple of years ago. Still have the B81SX project, the single axle B61 dump, the B42S dump, a C95 and a CF685F and the 1929 Type 19 but nothing in an up and going roadworthy big truck. email is above, send me your # and I'll yak at you some time.
  4. Pics were on another computer which is why I put an email address. Do not have a pic of the doors, but they are bare and in primer. I also do have the rest of the truck, single axle, air start with a monoshift transmission, all of which may also be for sale.
  5. From another project that will never get done....Mack B65 contour cab with doors and rear glass. All body work has been done and is in primer. There is some very minor rust in the floor area. $1000.00 or offer, trade or ???? email to mackb67@bellsouth.net for pics.
  6. Have a B81SX, engine and quadruplex are out, engine is sick. Has a real solid cab, only real rust is on the tops of the fenders. Located in Lafayette,TN
  7. I am in Columbia, TN , I can double check but my memory says that they are 1300s, original plan was to replace the 1400X20s on my 45 Oshkosh with these as the diameter was larger but 24 Budd rims were to much $$ and all it would do was raise the top speed to 40 or 41mph!!
  8. 4 new 11.00X24 steering tires $900.00, 4 like new 13.00X24 deep lug off road tire on Daytons, center seam still visible $800.00, Nice B65 Countour cab with doors and rear glass, in primer $1000.00 or trade for ??? Low mileage endt673 in 1968 Mack CF $1000.00, comes with a free Spicer 2 speed automatic that would make a great anchor!! email mackb67@bellsouth.net for pics,
  9. Anyone either have a the 2 caps for the surge tank on a 1981 MS200 or know the part numbers for them?? PO seems to have lost them. post or drop me a line at mackb67@bellsouth.net.....Fred
  10. Have a B81 , very nice, solid cab, engine and quadraplex out(spun bearing), tops of front fenders rusted through but that seems to be the only rust. I'm never going to get to it so best it goes to someone who will do something with it. Located in Middle Tennessee........make me an offer that i cannot refuse.....mackb67@bellsouth.net
  11. Had a chance to look at them today, passengwe side is toast, drivers side is much better but it does have about a 2 inch spot of rust at the top rear of the arch. If you want a pic, I will see what I can do....Fred
  12. I'm parting out a 1968 CF685F, I'll take a look and see what the feners look like. Which side are you looking for??.....Fred
  13. FS1889 $150.00 plus shipping, have 1 only. mackb67@bellsouth.net or 931 388 2729 in the afternoon.
  14. The original was aluminum and time, weather, chemical reactions have taken there toll. I understand that there is a 30's B cast iron top tank that will replace it, anyone have one laying around??
  15. Yes, I am still looking for information on this transmission, seems to be a real oddball!! any help is appreciated.
  16. 1929 Type 19(APDR), 1954 B85F, 2 1954 B42SX, B65T, B67T tow , B61T dump, B61SX, B81SX, DM811SX, CF685F, and an MS200
  17. Finally got to read the tag on the tranny, it is a Dana Turbo Matic model number 184-3B. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  18. Has a Spicer/dana 2 speed automatic transmission that is slow shifting whuch leads me to believe that it is due for servicing. Anyone have any information on one of these units???
  19. Saw a few of the shows, looked more like a lot of sizzle but no steak. They said that one guy's rig was old and breaking down 2 or 3 times a week. Hey, now its all pimped out with new rubber, flashy paint, all the bells and whistles but they didn't(as far as I can tell0 touch the mechanics so now he has to suffer the embarrasment of having a really nice rig that still breaks down weekly.
  20. I used a battery charger and tapped in between the light switch and the dimmer switch, everything worked. That leaves either the circuit breaker or the light switch.
  21. Ah-Ha. Found them on a plate that is screwed next to the glove box, with the breakers facing the fire wall. No wonder I couldn't find them. Thanks Fred
  22. Lost the headlight on my truck. pretty well have it down to either a fuse or the light switch. Problem is that I can't find the fuse panel. any ideas where mack might have hidden it??
  23. have a B65 contour cab project that needs to be adopted. body work on the cab and doors is done. Located in the Middle Tennessee area.
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