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  1. I have a lot of good used quad box and triplex cases, bell housings, covers, forks, gears, shafts, and yokes and flanges. Let me know if you need anything. Also some CRD 92/3, 112/3, and 117 parts
  2. I have a lot of used Quad box, triplex, and maxidyne parts. I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas because I hate the thought of junking them. I have bell housings, covers/forks, cases, m/s and c/s gears, as well as flanges. I’m in the Boston area and would like to sell it all. Thanks in advance for any ideas. I also have some used rear end parts- CRD 117 and 92/93
  3. Genuine Mack Clutch Gear New in box for just $200
  4. Brand New Ring and Pinion Gear Set from about 1980. Part # is 24KHA1889 It might fit a DM but I'm not positive. I think it fits a CRDPC92 $500
  5. I will post it there. I think it might have been used in the DM model. I will take pictures and get the tooth count on both gears. I don't know if they made different length pinion shafts, but for some reason, I remember this fitting a longer housing. The measurements will help. I got the part number anyway. Thank you for your help.
  6. I have a new ring and pinion from about 1980. I think it fits a CRDPC 92 with the long pinion housing. The number is 24KHA1889 (not KH). I'm wondering if this is a good place to sell it. $500 or best offer
  7. Were you able to find a transmission? I'm looking for an early style TRL 107 as well. All I need is a pinioon shaft but another trans. will do.
  8. I'm looking for a Pinion Shaft for a 5 speed Maxidyne in a 1970 R model. This is the earlier style with bullet shaped clutch teeth, not conical. Part # is 764KB1149 Transmission Model TRL107 11KBA1766P3 Thank You Barkosky Transmission John 781-324-7972 (Leave message if I don't pick up)
  9. Any idea where I can find a 764KB387A Pinion Shaft, 575KB237 Fork, 320KB228D,E,orF Clutch Gear, 741KB2133 Gear and 403KB214 Pinion Cover? Any help is greatly appreciated.t John
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