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  1. Slim Dusty ,Lights on the hill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=et6wYjECxUA
  2. Test

    Can't quite get it right Swishy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C80JnUaJPQs
  3. The Macks .Not as many as the last time I went a couple of years back .
  4. I believe that Mack have been Building trucks here in Australia Since 1963 ,so i would say all of the trucks would be Australian Built .
  5. Paul , Quite welcome to drop in,Only a couple of Ks off the highway Plenty of things on tracks to look at while your here .Couple of Macks live here to.
  6. Not Hard to see , that he is a Mack man , and has a lot of Mates that love their Macks .
  7. turned up at his place to be greeted by this line up . This old R model wasn't in the line up , but she was there .
  8. Yes , the Blue superliner was cummins powered . The Atkinson is V8 GM powered .
  9. Went out to Biloela for the weekend .Some photos .
  10. Bulldozers

    Our D68U .
  11. Mack Australia is doing a limited edition run of Titans to celebrate 50th annaverary of mack trucks being built in Australia .
  12. Price of a Mack back in the 'sixty's

    The photo is of Carter Brothers from Bundaberg,It is a Diamond T ,with a D8 on the back of it . Thanks Other Dog for turning the photo .I thought i had turned it ,but it must not have worked ..
  13. Price of a Mack back in the 'sixty's

    This one may interest you Scrubpuller , Not the best quality ,see if you know of it .
  14. Price of a Mack back in the 'sixty's

    Hi Scrubpuller ,Asked a mate today ,He reckoned a Single drive B model was 12200 pound back then .He reckons a mate of his bought a boggie drive flitstone in 73 and paid $35000 for it .