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  1. Bmt group pic That's rt76jim holding my grandson, trying to teach him watts important !
  2. http://smrp-prod.macktrucks.com/spubs/default_ie2.htm Check out this web site, Might bee watt you need?
  3. You may get all your trailer lights if you run a jumper from the brown wire to the black wire. The pins in a standard 6 pin plug are 1 oclock and 11 oclock are tail and clearance lights. Try checking that out.On the ranger it sounds like you might have a bad fuse in the dash light cicut, Just check it.
  4. Use this web site hope it will ease your pain :-) http://smrp-prod.macktrucks.com/spubs/default_ie2.htm#
  5. To the management and staff at Watts Mack Thanks for helping us do the jobs we do. Happy Holidays to All, Be Safe, enjoy the time with loved one's!!!
  6. check the tach sensor on the left side of the bellhousing,I have had the plug spread on some rd690s,rd690p 2001 and found that to fix it.
  7. As a fleet mechanic I will tell you unless you are running 1000 lights you only need about 13,13.5 volts for running and normal ops. Most all vehicle accs. claim max volts to be 14 or so. Remember if you look at an analog gauge it never reads as accurite as a digital. Just to be sure you don't have a battery issue take all the jumpers off and load test each one separatley.If you can check the specific gravity(hydrometer) that will show a bad bat too!
  8. Did you get your picture yet ? What year are you looking at ?
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