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  1. how can i contact this person....I cannot access facebook link THANKS
  2. I have a thrill for ya'll.........it has nothing to do with the movie.......it has nothing to do with anything: That H-63 and Fruehauf in the final photo is sitting my back yard, or a twin to it. The hood mounted spotting mirror on the hood is obstructing the tank and exhaust..........i see no vertical pipe. What are the odds a Mack green h-63 and stainless Fruehauf has a twin? Where was this picture taken?
  3. send pics to >> brdservices11@gmail.com<< I am near you and interested
  4. I am certain I know where this truck is. Somebody tell Captain Crunch to e-mail me >> greenville.sc.dave@gmail.com << I am not very good at computers or sending PM or blogging or anything similar I do know a lot of other things though such as math and history and I owe it all to my my father forcing me to drive a B model then a F model triplex to New York City delivering chickens in the early 70s
  5. I think I know where the mack LS from NJ that you are looking for e-mail me: >>greenville.sc.dave@gmail.com<<
  6. I think i know where this truck is, or a twin to it............10 miles from me in Greenville SC
  7. I will double any offer
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