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    each 2 1/2 discharge rated at 250gpm ,so it appears to be a 750 gpm. my LS85 has a 400 gal poly tank that we put in to replace the steel 400 that had 40 holes in it.
  2. never saw that show ,is it on history or discovery ?
  3. Looks like Mack and ALF country ,GREAT
  4. yelp that's my next step ,get some steel and start to weld and hammer.
  5. looking for the inside windshield support for a 50's era LS85 mack the piece is attached to the inside center section with 4 screws on each side and a bolt down on the bottom that fastens to the dash
  6. yes ,I also saw it at Andy Leider's open house
  7. I saw the super pumper in Middletown N.Y. on aug.14 2016 at the SPAAMFAA convention ,the mack did a special visit to Andy Leider place .(he has over 500 fire trucks
  8. hope Carl sees this ,he might be interested
  9. no I didn't take the L mack , that place is over the top, wall to wall trucks, it was a great event, meet a lot of friends and made new ones.the super pumper was awsum thanks yarnall for the raditor
  10. Anyone going to the convention in Middletown N.Y. this week . the big draw will be Andy Lieder warehouse with over 400 fire trucks in HIS collection .
  11. As I think I talked about before insulate the inside of your pole barn after the electric goes in and then put the steel skin to finish.we put the 1st Morton up in 2006 42x52 no insulation or skin inside ,2nd Morton in 2014 42x60 insulated and skin ,had to connect with a hallway 5x12 which we did. with 12'' in ceiling and 6 in walls it is 15 to 20 warmer in winter and a lot cooler in the summer.
  12. also you can put in RV antifreeze in the pump if you don't have any leaks ,my 750 mack takes about 12 gal. ,if the pump is left dry for any length of time rusting will start
  14. that was a big mack fire apparatus area
  15. where are you in pa. Delaware Valley?
  16. looking for inside windshield support brace for open cab 1950's L model Mack (has the chrome windshield) will pay $
  17. their could be another switch that is controlling the starter
  18. have you tried SPAAMFAA ,(national org. of antique fire apparatus groups) list of groups in texas and email them about the Evans City Mack , I believe the national has a list of who owns what.
  19. anyone know who or from where brought the green Washington Crossing,PA. C model open cab that was on ebay 2 weeksago , I was outbid (wife was happy)
  20. standard trans.right? check hand brake released and not stuck .does it have a electric switch to engage pump or a manual lever?
  21. hi louie , I did make a few purchases got a gong bell works on 12vdc ,I can use it to call the grandkids, I also learned that if you want something make the deal ,cause if you come back for it ,it will be gone
  22. on our Morton bldg. we had to fill in 8'' but the back end we had to fill in about 22'' . 9 tri axles later & 225 tons of crushed concrete and compact every 3'' I though it would never end, then 52 c.y. concrete we subed out.
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