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  1. standard trans.right? check hand brake released and not stuck .does it have a electric switch to engage pump or a manual lever?
  2. hi louie , I did make a few purchases got a gong bell works on 12vdc ,I can use it to call the grandkids, I also learned that if you want something make the deal ,cause if you come back for it ,it will be gone
  3. on our Morton bldg. we had to fill in 8'' but the back end we had to fill in about 22'' . 9 tri axles later & 225 tons of crushed concrete and compact every 3'' I though it would never end, then 52 c.y. concrete we subed out.
  4. Back from the Spring Melt firematic flea market today ,meet a lot of friends again ,lot of good deals,more 'toys 'to play with in the garage,lot of parts going out of their today to new homes or trucks.
  5. nice looking B ,is it a gas 707 or diesel ,air brakes ?was it in R.I.?
  6. looking for the center metal trim piece for a open cab 1950 -54 'L' mack for the inside of the chrome frame windshield.
  7. what exactly is the purpose of the rectifier on my L model Mack
  8. I have the 707 (gas) in my LS85 ,but if I had to do a engine I would do a 237 MACK DIESEL
  9. you guy sounds like the' MAN ' and qualified to do the job.
  10. fxfymn is right on ,restoring is just that and the devil is in the detail for the period of the truck, just stick with it and keep the group posted with pic's
  11. my fire co. in Florence ,n.j. ran the following, starting with a B model s/a with old oil trailer, then a B model tandem ,then a R model tandem w/Chemical Leman trailer and now a International straight 3500 gal w/pump. the rural section has no hydrands. it is the second out in those areas and on the Interstate and Turnpike.
  12. hopefully they will get better , topics on how to do items ,where to find etc.
  13. the building inspector is right ,heat in the floor and a small boiler,you can work in a Tee shirt .
  14. the previous replies where right ,the bigger it is the more you collect, we built the first Morton in 2006 42 x52 ,it cost 37k, we subed the floor 7k (6"),not insulated.2013 we had another one put up 42x60 ,42k ,subed floor 6" 10k ,12' away and we connected them with a hallway 12x5 we did ourselves ,the new building we subed insulation 12" in ceil.6 " walls a then covered with steel. it ranges betw.15 &20 degrees diff. the 1st bldg. we put in a part 2nd floor 8x42. the 2nd bldg. took 225 tons of crushed concrete to grade the floor up. good luck
  15. I received the second edition a few weeks ago
  16. yes ,superdog is correct the type 21 had the Hall-Scott engines 80 L units where built and their hoods where 11" longerI saw one in Phoneix Ar.
  17. Dom, the #1 thing you have is a plan and some help, if you Mack is a 125 it should have a Hall-Scott engine they are big engines. how many miles or hours on it? I would think you could do the restore for below the 150 est.if you did some of the work inhouse. I had my LS85 54 Mack off frame done and the top side was clean but the bottom was rust from salt in N.Y.,did new brakes, rebuilt hydrovac, all new wiring with cloth loom, paint down to bare ,epoxy primer , 2 part paint, clear coat,new gold lettering and stripping ,new 400gal poly tank and a few items rechromed,seat redone, Mack 707 engine and drive train was good ,had to replace rear diamond plate running board and 2 other sections,4 new batteries,installed a hydraulic power steering unit. their are a lot of L models on the east coast and I can say that they are all different. My email is hinoki22@comcast .net and I'll send photos
  18. Carl you got to be bidding on this one ..... you can hide up at my place
  19. Thermodyne is a gas engine, the Mack looks pretty clean ,some rust but will clean up .prime and paint areas,(my 54 'L'Itake a lot of time keeping the undercarriage clean and looking pretty. my vote sell the ALF and get this Mack, If I had the room (and my wife wouldn't see it ) I'd be bidding .
  20. matt does work on anything that MOVES
  21. try Matt Pfahls in bethleham ct
  22. what type of backup alarm is their for a standard trans, I've seem what looks like a rod assembly switch ,but what does it connect to energize the alarm ?
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