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  1. Ice Fishing

    Converted camper and restored truck - done by Mach Technician. Every detail has been meticulously thought of.
  2. Ice Fishing

    Winter is almost over, and in celebration of that, I'd like to share some ice fishing posts from our recent Leech Lake MN trip. I know Mack Technician has some pictures from our recent trip. I'll post a few here and anyone else want to share ice fishing stories or just fishing pictures, etc. feel free to jump in.
  3. Jeff's feathers getting fluffed.

  4. Big Oil Announces plans to "Kill the electric truck"

    This will be the technological revolution that eliminates millions of jobs. After that, we might have to go to the 3-day work week.
  5. Big Oil Announces plans to "Kill the electric truck"

    According to the government, 100 cars today produce the same amount of PM (particulate matter) and NOx as 1 car prior to 1970. For HD trucks, the amount of PM generated per 100,000 miles was 470 pounds before EPA standards were enacted. Today, the amount is measured in grams. So that is something like a 4,000 to 1 ratio of emissions before and after EPA/CAFE standards were enacted. So, while crappy and old ran without problems, it doesn't work anymore with a population approaching 10 billion globally. I think there is an unseen cost to electric, however the upside for OTR trucks is 1 million miles in between major maintenance, such as they are claiming on the Tesla trucks. I think the best part of automated trucks/cars is that *hopefully* my kids will never have to get a drivers permit.
  6. Big Oil Announces plans to "Kill the electric truck"

    I understand, and that's a good example of gov't stupidity...because electricity has to come from somewhere...and most of it around here is coal. It's not actually zero emissions that seems to be driving the market towards electrification, ironically it's all the exhaust after treatment junk and the desire for a more reliable lower maintenance engine (post 2007 emissions controls). Tesla says you will be able to convoy 3 electric trucks together (with a single driver). That kind of innovation will really kill jobs. I haven't really seen anything (yet) that says Trump will be overturning CAFE standards, and phase 2 seems to be in the works, which will require more emissions reductions. If it does in fact go through, we'd be looking at most passenger cars getting 50 mpg by 2027.
  7. I found this article on big oil and biodiesel execs getting together to decide how best to kill the electric truck. As you may have heard, most OEM's have been introducing electric versions of their semis, they can go up to 400 miles on a 30 min charge and supposedly go 1 million miles between maintenance intervals. Tesla reports 3 trucks can be convoyed and controlled by a single operator - eliminating the need for each to have it's own driver. When asked about electricification, big oil exec's responded: "Another type of disaster—not natural but instead policy-driven—is the political momentum driving electrification. The consensus on the panel was that the liquid fuels industries must mend their differences and work toward a larger goal of exploiting the benefits that liquid fuels offer and exposing the myth of zero emissions vehicles." http://www.biodieselmagazine.com/articles/2516262/big-oil-biodiesel-join-forces-to-combat-electrification
  8. Trump and Immigration (Illegal Immigrants in the US)

    Yes, right. We had an illegal (he was from Mexico) make a turn into our driveway and struck our car, parked in the driveway. We had just dropped collision on the car as it was paid for. We live on a corner so he negotiated the corner badly, and rear ended our car. After hitting our car, he careened across the lawn and down an embankment crossing the road and finally crashing into the neighbors home, missing his sleeping infant daughter by 2 feet. When the neighbor came out to see if he needed aid, he ran. He evaded law enforcement for about a week, until he was caught and jailed. I was awakened by my wife/lights from firetrucks and police and only saw the damage to the neighbors house, it took some time to realize we'd been hit as well. The car was borrowed (or stolen - we never found out), but uninsured and the guy had no drivers license. He served 2 days in jail plus fines. We didn't go after him because the car wasn't worth more than $2500 and he had no job on record. Our neighbor had a hole in his home for months before it was fixed. Rumor is he was a drug dealer and was high on drugs as well as drunk when the incident happened. Police released him and did not pursue any immigration stuff. He has never paid the fine according to the state of Wisconsin circuit court system and has gone on to incur felony drug charges with intent to distribute since this happened. So I for one am thankful we are not a sanctuary state. I think if he had killed our neighbors sleeping daughter he would have been shot on site, rightfully so.
  9. New American Rape Culture

    We are all witnessing the changing of the guards...women are the new men and men are the new women. I think the takeaway from all this is that every man who is in a position of power in this country is a potential rapist/molester and should be locked up (to prevent further incidents).
  10. Volvo/Mack Chicago training center

    Thank you for the discussion. Fascinating! Not knowing much about Mack's I am surprised to hear Volvo/Mack only recently adopted the High Pressure Common Rail instead of unit injection. I was thinking Paccar was the last to abandon unit injection in 2013. Awesome post! Thanks!
  11. Mack MP8 Derating

    A friend owns a fleet of 65 or so Mack MP8's, less than a year old. Has been having a lot of issues with the DEF systems. Trucks will derate and have to go in for warranty work. Of the 65 trucks, over 20 have had this issue. Some with as low as 40k miles. Some have been dosers, others sensors, others total def system tear off and rebuild. All the issues have been with either the SCR or the DEF system on these trucks. These are Frak sand trucks, so think similar duty cycle to the paver trucks hauling asphalt for consideration. Anyone know is this OEM issues, duty cycle, just poor design? Really any insight at all would be helpful. Trying to wrap my mind around the issue and what's causing it. Thanks in advance!
  12. Fuel additives discussion

    I remember seeing ads for the green fuel. We called ours GHP - for Greater Horse Power back in the 50's and 60's. Then red became the color for premium diesel and that was called Ruby. The gov't started adding red dye to off-road and now the only way you know you're getting a premium fuel is that it's on the bill of lading or you're adding it yourself or to purchase from a trusted supplier. A lot of people still reference Amoco Premier diesel around here, but that hasn't been available since early 2000's. It was a very good fuel and they did a great job marketing it. Interesting post about the oil in the truck stop fuel Farmer52. I've never heard that. I would assume anything is possible if they can get away with it. I know most of the truck stops around the Midwest use biodiesel blends up to 20% to achieve a lower price point. Be aware that animal based bio blends begin to gel at 50 degrees F, so you should avoid filling up where this is sold at all costs if heading north (a B10 blend would start to gel at 10-15 degrees!). A B20 blend of bio might start gelling up at 15-20 degrees. Soy and vegetable oil blends should gel around 14 degrees, assuming it was B100, which it typically isn't. So if you fill at Love's or Flying J, expect that your #2 fuel will gel around that point, and any additive will get you to around 0 degrees with no #1, assuming you have a 10 micron suction stage filter. Not sure how you can know what the source of biodiesel is - vegetable or animal based. Depends largely on the location. For example IL is all vegetable based bio blends.
  13. According to at least one source, George Washington was not very religious: According to Washington biographer Edward Lengel, "He was a very moral man. He was a very virtuous man, and he watched carefully everything he did. But he certainly doesn't fit into our conception of a Christian evangelical or somebody who read his Bible every day and lived by a particular Christian theology. We can say he was not an atheist on the one hand, but on the other hand, he was not a devout Christian." But what about he story of him kneeling in the snow at Valley Forge to pray? According to Lengel, "That's a story that was made up by [early Washington biographer] Parson Weems." While he would attend church, Washington wouldn't take communion. According to biographer Barry Schwartz, Washington's "practice of Christianity was limited and superficial, because he was not himself a Christian. In the enlightened tradition of his day, he was a devout Deist--just as many of the clergymen who knew him suspected." Is this revisionist history? The facts prove this to be so. I think that the author tried to rewrite history by overlooking a lot of details about his private life, his prayer journal, and even his inaugural and farewell addresses. Obama would have us believe we are no longer a Christian nation. Liberals will try to erase our Christian heritage. Washington deserves to be remembered as a great military strategist, faithful servant to the fledgling United States and a Christian. As for Robert E. Lee, his piety, morality, and compassion were apparent to all who crossed his path. As one historian has written, “Robert Lee was one of the small company of great men in whom there is no inconsistency to be explained, no enigma to be solved. What he seemed, he was—a wholly human gentleman, the essential elements of whose positive character were two and only two, simplicity and spirituality.” Thanks for sharing that article kscarbel2.
  14. I spend my working days calling on trucking fleets and (qualified) driver shortage and the shortage of (good) diesel mechanics seem to be the most common complaints I hear from fleet owners. If I could sell those I'd be a millionaire already. Both the posts on the problems/solutions are really interesting. Automated trucks will end the driver shortage (driverless trucks). No one really wants to be on the road 2 weeks on end away from their family, but for people who need money it offers a respite. Trucker jobs for fleets with day cabs don't seem to have the same problem filling seats like Mack Technician says. It's when you go OTR that the problems begin. Give truckers 10 weeks PTO, more $ per mile, and make it so they are home as much as they are OTR and the shortages will disappear. Who wants to work 2 weeks and be home for 3-4 days?
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lisa Dodd!!

    Happy Birthday Lisa!