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  1. I agree the number of moving parts/gears and potential for things to go wrong seems to be much greater in this more complex design. The youtube videos (1-4) were really good and help you to see how they are achieving this.
  2. Good points. I guess I'll still have a job for a while longer.
  3. I read an article about a variable compression engine, with the statement that this technology could kill the diesel engine. It's basically a gas engine that can change it's compression ratio on the fly. (Ranges from 8:1 all the way up to 14:1). "The ingenuity of VC-T engine technology lies in its ability to transform itself and seamlessly raise or lower the height the pistons reach. As a consequence, the displacement of the engine changes and the compression ratio can vary anywhere between 8:1 (for high performance) and 14:1 (for high efficiency). The sophisticated engine control logic automatically applies the optimum ratio, depending on what the driving situation demands." Just thought this was cool and wondering for anyone who has a deep understanding of mechanical workings, is this really a breakthrough that could threaten the diesel engine or is this just hype? The full article can be found here: https://jalopnik.com/worlds-first-variable-compression-ratio-engine-could-ki-1785295848
  4. kamp_dogg

    Ol' Dozer caught an intruder last night...

    Ate the bugger whole. That's pretty cool. Watched it while eating my lunch (don't recommend this).
  5. kamp_dogg

    Happy Birthday Vlad

    Happy birthday big guy! Have always enjoyed reading your posts. All the best!
  6. kamp_dogg

    America's youth

    All those pictures are highly unsafe, it's comical to think - babies wrapped in cellophane?! If you like dead babies I guess being delivered by a stork. Wierd how people thought. Hey, give that kid a cigarette and a beer!
  7. kamp_dogg

    My parts guy's Digital Man Cave....

    This guys man cave was pretty dang cool. made me think of owning a pinball machine.
  8. kamp_dogg

    Ice Fishing

    Converted camper and restored truck - done by Mach Technician. Every detail has been meticulously thought of.
  9. kamp_dogg

    Ice Fishing

    Winter is almost over, and in celebration of that, I'd like to share some ice fishing posts from our recent Leech Lake MN trip. I know Mack Technician has some pictures from our recent trip. I'll post a few here and anyone else want to share ice fishing stories or just fishing pictures, etc. feel free to jump in.
  10. kamp_dogg

    Jeff's feathers getting fluffed.

  11. kamp_dogg

    Big Oil Announces plans to "Kill the electric truck"

    This will be the technological revolution that eliminates millions of jobs. After that, we might have to go to the 3-day work week.
  12. kamp_dogg

    Big Oil Announces plans to "Kill the electric truck"

    According to the government, 100 cars today produce the same amount of PM (particulate matter) and NOx as 1 car prior to 1970. For HD trucks, the amount of PM generated per 100,000 miles was 470 pounds before EPA standards were enacted. Today, the amount is measured in grams. So that is something like a 4,000 to 1 ratio of emissions before and after EPA/CAFE standards were enacted. So, while crappy and old ran without problems, it doesn't work anymore with a population approaching 10 billion globally. I think there is an unseen cost to electric, however the upside for OTR trucks is 1 million miles in between major maintenance, such as they are claiming on the Tesla trucks. I think the best part of automated trucks/cars is that *hopefully* my kids will never have to get a drivers permit.
  13. kamp_dogg

    Big Oil Announces plans to "Kill the electric truck"

    I understand, and that's a good example of gov't stupidity...because electricity has to come from somewhere...and most of it around here is coal. It's not actually zero emissions that seems to be driving the market towards electrification, ironically it's all the exhaust after treatment junk and the desire for a more reliable lower maintenance engine (post 2007 emissions controls). Tesla says you will be able to convoy 3 electric trucks together (with a single driver). That kind of innovation will really kill jobs. I haven't really seen anything (yet) that says Trump will be overturning CAFE standards, and phase 2 seems to be in the works, which will require more emissions reductions. If it does in fact go through, we'd be looking at most passenger cars getting 50 mpg by 2027.
  14. I found this article on big oil and biodiesel execs getting together to decide how best to kill the electric truck. As you may have heard, most OEM's have been introducing electric versions of their semis, they can go up to 400 miles on a 30 min charge and supposedly go 1 million miles between maintenance intervals. Tesla reports 3 trucks can be convoyed and controlled by a single operator - eliminating the need for each to have it's own driver. When asked about electricification, big oil exec's responded: "Another type of disaster—not natural but instead policy-driven—is the political momentum driving electrification. The consensus on the panel was that the liquid fuels industries must mend their differences and work toward a larger goal of exploiting the benefits that liquid fuels offer and exposing the myth of zero emissions vehicles." http://www.biodieselmagazine.com/articles/2516262/big-oil-biodiesel-join-forces-to-combat-electrification
  15. kamp_dogg

    Trump and Immigration (Illegal Immigrants in the US)

    Yes, right. We had an illegal (he was from Mexico) make a turn into our driveway and struck our car, parked in the driveway. We had just dropped collision on the car as it was paid for. We live on a corner so he negotiated the corner badly, and rear ended our car. After hitting our car, he careened across the lawn and down an embankment crossing the road and finally crashing into the neighbors home, missing his sleeping infant daughter by 2 feet. When the neighbor came out to see if he needed aid, he ran. He evaded law enforcement for about a week, until he was caught and jailed. I was awakened by my wife/lights from firetrucks and police and only saw the damage to the neighbors house, it took some time to realize we'd been hit as well. The car was borrowed (or stolen - we never found out), but uninsured and the guy had no drivers license. He served 2 days in jail plus fines. We didn't go after him because the car wasn't worth more than $2500 and he had no job on record. Our neighbor had a hole in his home for months before it was fixed. Rumor is he was a drug dealer and was high on drugs as well as drunk when the incident happened. Police released him and did not pursue any immigration stuff. He has never paid the fine according to the state of Wisconsin circuit court system and has gone on to incur felony drug charges with intent to distribute since this happened. So I for one am thankful we are not a sanctuary state. I think if he had killed our neighbors sleeping daughter he would have been shot on site, rightfully so.

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