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  1. Most smokers’ll tell ya....”Don’t start”.
  2. Had an unusual conversation about unions with a logger co-op that’s starting in Rhinelander. The co-op group is made of 7 members from 7 different Master Loggers Association districts in the state. They want to buy the failing Verso papermill in Wisconsin Rapids. I was working on the co-op president’s Mack truck Tuesday night and he explained the plan to purchase. I said “I assume you guys are going to bust up the union before you open the doors?”. This is a guy who for the last decade has told me papermill unions are the reason for the low wood Tonage prices and logger hardships. Surprisingly He said “no, we’want to keep the union. It’s labor infrastructure that, if we leave intact, will make the acquisition easier”.
  3. You don’t need an excuse bud. Every town has a dive you drive past and you say to yourself “I wouldn’t want anyone to see my vehicle parked THERE!”. Then.....one hapless day.......it happens. Next thing you know you find yourself trapped in an uncontrollable 22 page rant on Covid 19... and there’s no way out.
  4. 😱—-where do you work?!!! The Jerry Springer Show Headquarters?
  5. The mask mandate started at midnight. Went to town for supplies. Complete civil disobedience. No masks being worn by any of us, love it. The gas station attendants said a guy came in and read them the riot act.... attendant told him “come back when it’s A LAW !!!”. Parts man said not only are they not wearing a mask, they brought a case of beer to work to drink at closing.
  6. Pretty much sewed that up. Add Sexual harassment, quick exit strategy. Sleeping on job Any gambling, betting, pooling or gaming The company loads the contract heavy against worker misconduct.....then the supervisors and chief superintendents names mysteriously show up on the work crews “underground” football/baseball pool. Hmmm 🤔 Every year we each get a 4 page review from our supervisor. It’s tallied. If we don’t score high enough we first get a % pay cut on our hourly wage. You have a set amount of time to improve. If the improvements don’t happen your fired without excuse. The difference in a union is the management can’t fire via spontaneous personal bias or whim, it has to be documented.
  7. I need to dump the holy water out and conjure up the Hydra 🐉 Maxidyne. Has she been working in vain on this topic for years? Union knowledge quiz......Anybody tell me how union workers get fired? Facts only, not generalizations about “lazy this”, “useless that”. Some of that’s true, undoubtedly, but how does a union worker ACTUALLY get canned?
  8. About 15-20 people have been quarantined at my workplace as of today. Only one actually popped positive, assuming there was no tampering on his and an accurate test. He said he had a scratchy throat for 2 days. I was completely terrified when he told me that......I don't know where he found the strength to deal with this killer. Still need to find an answer to this one. A friend who drinks with his doctor and anesthesiologist reported they gave him the number "$400".....that's what the hospital is getting subsidized per Covid test? Concerning Sweden...… Damnit Maxi, quit making stuff up!! Wild Dave is right again on agenda and "talking points". Stop listening to PBS lib lie radio, it's nuking your brain. Prairie Home Companion reruns....yes, News...….NO! Sweden is Norrland Terrain, it's all mountains, like Japan. The population density of Sweden is 64 per square mile and that ISN'T 64 per square mile up in the mountain ranges...… it's packed into dense cities, towns and villages.
  9. King Evers III has declared “thou shall wear a face diaper indoors at all time lest thee own thy property in which thee dwell”. Starts tomorrow. I have to admit, after reading, it isn’t completely stupid. There’s nothing in the mandate set to ruin the economy. Now that the fools achieved the crippling of our economy they don’t have to close “non-essential businesses” this round, the damage is done. Agenda exposed. Meanwhile, look at do-little Sweden’s graph curve straight south on Covid cases while the US graph looks like an EKG reading in the middle of the big 💀 one.
  10. It's not oil, it's fuel slobber. Half burned, raw, fuel that exited the semi-active cylinder.
  11. Yes, maybe, but it’s how deplorables roll. 🎉 🎈 🎈 🎊 🐘 That said.....I’ll get out the holy ☦️ water and rosary 📿 if you want to reignite this baby! It’s really close now, 3 months. Facing you in mortal combat is inevitable and, plus, you shouldn’t go three weeks without feeding on good’ol boy flesh.... you may have starved.
  12. I have to agree. There's NO WAY they expect him to stay vertical through this thing. If he won he'd immediately turn 78, on November 20th, during the lame duck period. Good chance he'll be asked over to Hillary and Billary's for a Bill Cosby Cocktail and a ride in the trunk.
  13. For your own sake don't jump back into this thread Maxidyne. You previously dismissed yourself on this thread as an act of sound judgement. This is a rant thread. You'll try to apply what you consider logic and get pummeled by a wave of counter rants. Within one page of this the moderators will be back in blocking punches. Shifting gears now to overdrive rant...... I forgot reparations to blacks and the whacky New Green Deal! Double disgust right there boys.
  14. OH ho-ho YES my FRIENDS !! A chink in the armor and it was soooo stupid simple. Good job team . Try it on a late model someday. The VOE OBD wouldn't have it, but it bought me some time. Times valuable if 60% of the loader fleet is flat-lined and production calls on the Red Phone to ask "what the %#@% is going on out there!!!".
  15. Yup, I’m hosed. My annual union dues are going toward Biden. I donated $$$$ to The Donald though, so maybe it’ll equalize? Never thought I’d be trying to feed seven mouths on one income and giving money to a Billionaire, but the Dems make me so disgusted I did it. Riots=disgust, Kavanaugh trial=disgust, fake impeachment=disgust, fake Russia scandal=disgust, constant attacks on the office of President via state media. ANTIFA, 9th month abortions, Covid-Farce, open boarders, driver licenses for illegals, shooting down the census question about citizenship status, vote manipulation, attacks on police followed by Milk-Toast disregard for enforcing laws, etc, etc, etc take your pick....all disgust. These people are mentally ill. If the union took a vote on what money went to which candidate there would be a major upset at the managerial level.
  16. Think I want to throw in a prediction. I was right about Ruth Ginsburg being an “immortal” and communing with vampires.....so feeling lucky now. At the first debate Stammering Joe is going to suddenly loose track of the topic and drift into confusion. A blank look will overtake his face. He’ll jerk his head back to attention, snap out of the wave of nothingness, and will start loudly bleating “Baaaaa...Baaaa...baaa baa baaaaaa baa”. The Conservatives will be confused and perplexed while the liberals will be listening intently, nodding their heads in agreement, smiling approvals to a new language they mysteriously appear to understand with complete clarity.
  17. That would be a great time to install the AC camshaft and get rid of the EGR "bump" at really no extra cost to you.
  18. Is it an AC engine, or AI engine, which your doing the camshaft in?
  19. Lol, I was going to go to the Harbor Freight and buy a bag of telescoping magnets and little clamps. Don't drop them though, they're ceramic rollers that, if struck, are suppose to be replaced, not reused.
  20. Great find Spring! When we get this on our D13 "volvo MP8" it generally comes over with high NOx causing a code. The EGR cools the burn, no EGR + no cool cylinder burn = High NOx output from lack of exhaust mixing. The tier 4 final can't handle high NOx resulting from an EGR failure, it was designed to work along side the EGR system and can't work properly without it. Your 2008 interim 4 must be able to cope indefinitely with an EGR drop-out failure like you saw. Thanks for following up, it teaches us a lot.
  21. That's part of each filter, it adapts it to a John Deere transmission filter housing on an 824K. Sad thing is someone manually installed the nipple with it's ribbon attached. It's Affinia Wix "Made in USA" right on filter. In the big picture I could have gotten this same filter from any vendor who sells Wix, happens to be NAPA this round. The transmission is around $35-$40K and four days for two guy to swap. You have to pull the whole damn cab off the front loader. Glad my guy caught it.
  22. I'm fine with any of them. They all sell sufficient junk and it's all from the same pot of distributors. Look on Rock Auto and you'll have access to all the venders NAPA, O'Reilly, Carquest, etc, use. The only thing that makes me smile is Mann+ Hummel acquiring Wix. Now I can get German made Liehberr filters, at 1/4 of the price of OEM, from NAPA. I've only been stung a few times on parts from NAPA, but I keep using them personally by buying cash under the Corporate account. Saves 10-15% across the board, can't complain.....it's cooperative, the more you buy under one account the lower the markup for all users. Last zinger was a rebuilt alternator that lasted 6 hours 3 years ago and now this filter.
  23. That vintage Granite is a nice driving truck. User friendly. We’ve had very few gremlins beyond a new dash board. If your 460 you can directly use numbers we applied to the thread truck.
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