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  1. The best I can track this truck down is it was delivered to Asheville Mack in in September 1951 , the truck was red , ( everything) word has it the local Coke distributor purchased it new and painted it , cab, sides , fenders , fuel tank was kinda of orange looking yellow. top of cab and hood , white . Top of doors black. A local welding company got it in the 60s and we don’t think they painted it I still stay in contact with the last driver it had when it was traded for a new 69 Pete tandem ,he drove that Pete for 34 years ,I remember both when I was in school, we got it from the Pete dealer in 69 . it was painted blue all over in the late 70s , I’m just trying to go back with the paint scheme it was given in 51 , I’ll probably paint the door top black, like you said, it would be very different, thanks .. Dean 

  2. I have a 51 LJ that I’m resorting, I have the record from Mack where it was delivered new ( here in Asheville NC ) Coca Cola Bottling in Asheville purchased it ,, It was painted old Coke yellow, frame red , top of cab and hood white , when I started sanding it down, there is Red paint under everything, I’m trying to find out if Mack did any custom painting from the factory or would the Asheville Dealer ( or Coke ) Painted over the red when it was new , I guess there is no way ever finding out if it was ordered for Coke or they just bought it off the lot , I have visited the local Coke Office , they have a lot of old pics but none of mine, most of the information on it came from a driver that I knew about 20 years ago that worked at a local welding supply that drove it from around the late 50s to 1969 when it was traded for a new 69 Pete , and he said they bought it from Coke , Thanks for any ideas on a paint scheme, I think I would like some of the Coke yellow on it just to break up all the Red 

  3. Thanks, I pulled of the top and your correct about the gears, I also marked and turned the input and the output outran it , then dropped 1 gear ( direct) and it was 1 to 1 , And yes the TRDX will have a super low 1st gear, it took 12 1/2 turns on input for the outputs 1 turn ! Thank y’all for the advice! I’m going to use it In the LJ 

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  4. I have a 1951 LJ , it came new with a TRD-150 Trans , It went out back in the 70s when we still used the truck, we put a 10 speed direct in it , the original trans was probably hauled off for junk , I’m restoring the truck and while I have the cab off I want to put a TRD-150 back in it just for the overdrive, I have a LJ parts truck with a TRDX-150 , I have read these have lower gears for dumps or cement trucks ( this parts truck was used for house moving )  Does anyone know if it is still a overdrive , like the original TRD-150 ? Thanks Dean 






  5. We are using a 81 ,. 359 Pete to pull or lowboys , would like to find a Superliner with a 3406 cat , if anyone knows of one please let me know , Thanks  . Dean  @ Jenkins 74 Towing 

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