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  1. Don't know about 44s but in 50k and 65k anti sway means thicker spring leafs. Regular springs have the 3 bottom leafs in the spring box. Anti sway only has 2. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. My grandpa owned many 237's and only a couple had the dynatard. The rest had jakes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Old pics I've painted the frame and cleaned the tanks in the last 8 months. But thanks for noticing, that's a keen eye you got there.
  4. Thanks. I thought about keeping it, but would really like to sale or maybe trade. Would really like to have a steel nose r model. My dad had one he bought new in 1981. I loved that truck.
  5. RWS721LST 400 V8 8LL transmission 44 rears 4.17 ratio Call Johnny 606-424-6075 or Matt 606-422-9409
  6. I've had the 90 degree fitting on top of the fuel tank to get clogged and cause this.
  7. . Dad sold the truck to the Maietta family in Hagerstown, MD.
  8. The ones in my Superliner cleaned up nicely but missing a few buttons. I need to get the passenger arm rest redone. Back of cab still looks good as well.
  9. My dad bought this one new in 1982 from South Kentucky Mack. It was ordered by an oilfield company and they didn't take all of the trucks. It was mustard yellow with a black stripe from the factory, dad had it painted black with a silver stripe before he brought it home. He hauled coal with it for 7 years then painted it red and put a smaller dump bed on it and sold it. 300 with a 12 speed 58 rears 5.73 ratio.
  10. Best bet on that would probably be take some pics to the upholstery shop and have new ones made
  11. Would you send me some pics of the engine tag? I'm interested in the whole thing.
  12. Been working on the interior. Got the headliner cleaned up and back in.
  13. I've driven a few Macks with the 12 speed. And the 10 speed that comes in the granites now. But never seen the older Mack 10 speed
  14. It has an 8speed roadranger now wondering what the factory transmission may have been
  15. RWS721LST wondering what the transmission may have been?
  16. that 60 bogey DM 600 with 12x24 rubber will make your back hurt
  17. Coal is light if it comes from strip mine pit or has been processed through a prep plant. If you haul from a deep mine or highwall miner the coal is mixed with slate and mud therefore much heavier. The bed on the DM pictured could only haul about 33 tons of processed "clean" coal. But could haul 45 tons from a deep mine.
  18. I'll post all the pics I can find of the old Macks we had in the next few days. Maybe even put a few of some other friends' trucks.
  19. Gonna post some pics of Macks we hauled coal with over the years. This DM is a 1979 my grandpa bought in 1980. It's the only one we still have.
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