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    Primarily servicing, selling & parting out Mack trucks. Dump bodies, tanks, rolloffs, walking floors, booms, pumps and pretty much everything from heavy trucks typically available. Inventory changes daily.

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  1. If you're still in search for one, give me a call. I have approximately 300 good used spokes. Donny (603)239-7008
  2. I've been getting many calls saying they have been referred on here, Big Mack Trucks. Thank you all first of all. And for those who are inquiring about the hub-pilot conversion, I thought I would respond. I stock complete axle conversions for Mack trucks 12K/14K, 18K/20K fronts and 38K through 50K rears. An axle conversions includes: both hubs, drums, inner & outer bearing combinations, wheel seals, studs(4.75" hp w/ aluminums), flange cap nuts. We primarily service, sell & part out Mack trucks. Determining what you need, crossing, availability, pricing and all the troubles with these has been my niche on these conversions, figuring it all out and supplying the parts. If you're looking to do this, give me a call. I should add that I supply them for lift and tag axles as well. Also, with more going to hub-pilot, I have built up an abundance of good used spokes for all of these rigs; common, rare and obsolete. Donny Global Truck Traders (603)239-7008
  3. Give me a call. I have some options for you. (603)239-7008 Thanks, Donny
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