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  1. Help needed again... It appears as though i need a new alternator. The original is a leece - neville 2526J 14v 108amp, and hard to find. Does anyone out there know if a leece - neville 2800J 12v 160amp will fit and work? They look the same. HELP!
  2. Recharged the batteries last night reinstalled this morning. It started instantly and purrs like a Mack. Looks like a fault in the alternator and it will have to come out. I think a good steam cleaning is inorder also.
  3. My photos are to big. How do i shrink them?

    1. Freightrain


      You can use "PAINT" in microsoft windows to resize pictures. Photobucket also has a resize function.

    2. other dog

      other dog

      ^,what Larry said. I use "paint" to resize and crop all my pictures.

  4. I found the problem, i think. 2 red wires were completely corroded off the alternator. I suspect it was an overload situation caused by a bad terminal on the master switch. It came from a snowy area and has seen its fair share of highway salt. The FD kept it pretty on the outside, just not so much underneath. Anyway, i'm charging one of the batteries tonight. Tomorrow, i'll re connect the wires and install the freshly charged battery. Wish me luck. As for what, i will do with it... Well, it's powerful pump will maintain the water level in an isolated irrigation supply pond when needed fr
  5. Thanks to all of you for the advice. I've been able to start it and even drove it for about 5 miles after jump starting. It really sounds sweet. A little slop in the steering but i think i can fix that. It looks a little jury rigged behind the master switch, so I'll look at that first. Thanks! One other thing... I contacted the Mack Museum about manuals. You guys are great.. ⚓️
  6. I'm new to this site and learning to navigate. I'd like to know about the electrical charging system. The amp meter isnt reading and both batteries, though new are dead. And the maintenance of vital components.
  7. I am in need of some manuals, or copies, to give me some insights into this pumper.
  8. I really need to find an operations and service manual. Got a few things to fix.

  9. Name: 66 Mack Fire Truck Date Added: Owner: Navy Guy Navy Guy
  10. My 50 year old pumper's resurection.
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