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  1. hey i have unsezied a few gas engines with a mixture of diesel fuel and ATF fluid that is pourd down the spark plug ports and let sit for about a week then either got a breaker bar on the bolt that comes to the cam shaft or just drug it behind my wrecker ive done in on a combine and a internatinal pickup
  2. 3.66 diesel 3.11 gas southern utah
  3. ill lube up the fins and the accuator and see if that does it thanks
  4. there is air comin through the hose but the fins still donot close how much air does it take to close them because i have a good stream of air but i can hold it back with my finger
  5. model b hello i was wondering how you get the radiator fins to close if they do it automatic for cold or if they are suppose to come on with the heat knob i cant get them workin thanks
  6. i changed it all out and when i drive the truck the voltage gage says its drawin alot of power about 10 volts. Quinn
  7. hey im new to the site i have a 1960 model b wrecker that im workin on fixin and it has lots of lose air lines and i need to know where they go got a diagram also converted over to a 12v system and now have battery charging problems anybody know what thats about. thanks Quinn
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