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  1. this morning, i stumbled across an old ac mack. appears to be a factory dump. original condition, been sitting on the front yard of a dilapidated home in littleton ma. i'm hoping someone could shed some light on this truck. i know everyone wants pics. i dont have the computer knowledge to post, i have a cell phone pic i could forward to someones phone. i'm sure the members here would like to see this truck. this really is quite a find..
  2. I responded to this mack truck on craigslist, former Marrow vfd truck in Louisiana, 30,000 miles, title says 1965.. asking 18,000 ...
  3. the east Kingston nh b model mack was for sale in Kingstown nh a few years back. the sellers name was barry, he buys and sells state surplus , etc. always has a few fire trucks for sale. maybe someone in nh knows of him. the truck was a closed cab b model.. real nice shape, I think he was looking for around 7 k for it.. I remember the rear body was higher than usual. I have a 1961 open cab b 85. the pumper body is level with the back of the convertible cab. this truck body was a good 2 feet higher.. good luck in your search!
  4. pavrguy3

    b 85

    i'm looking to replace the fuel pump 'bowl on my 707 engine. i took it off a few years back. can't seem to find it now, looks like a glass bowl beneath the fuel pump on the engine, this one was metal, with a thumb screw type underneath, any one have an idea where i could find a replacement . thanks !! i'm dying to get this rig running, after a 30 plus year nap !
  5. i came across a 1959 mack pumper, can be seen at theold car guys .com.can't go wrong at $1500.00 !
  6. a few days back , i saw a custom b model in the the process of being built, had a sort of custom wrecker body , real nice! i can't seem to find it again, ring a bell with anyone.. thanks
  7. pavrguy3


    thanks to all who responded with information, regarding mack 707 caps and rotors, they arrived today from the Brillman company, painless , nice guy to deal with. i'm just getting into restoration of my 61 b 85 i'm sure i;l have many questions. nice to know help is just a click away,,, thank you!!! i'l post a video of this truck running , after a 30 year 'nap .. i hope .....
  8. pavrguy3


    would ay one have info as to where i could purchased 2 caps and rotors for my b 85 707 motor, found new points. but no one in new hampshire has the caps or rotors available, thanks
  9. i purchased a 1961 b model, last year for 2500.00 which i thought was fair, the guy had me over a barrel, claimed he would crush the truck if i didn't meet his price, gonna be a tough sell with all the glass destroyed, get it running ,pressure wash it, clean up the broken glass, , and throw it on craigslist, where is the truck from ? you might want to contact members of that towns fd, let them know the truck is available, you might find someone with some sentimental attachment to that truck, good luck,
  10. gentlemen , what 's a ballpark figure per mile, to truck a b85 from tenn to nh, 1100 miles, any help, idea's , most . appreciated thanks
  11. pavrguy3

    B 85

    1961 b 85 just arrived from the junkyard, pics to follow this weekend i hope! 707 gas motor, no batteries in the truck, this truck a 6 volt system ? will i need 2 batteries or 4 ? rear brakes are "frozen" from sitting, will freeing the rear brakes be a chore ? thanks for your help !
  12. purchasing a 1961 b85 mack pumper # 1441, towing company would like to know the gvw of this truck. anyone have an idea ? thanks for your help!
  13. check out boston craigslist cars and truck section, a 1937 mack jr pickup for sale, what a beauty. one of 18 in the world.no price, what are these worth ? wish i had the computer savy to provide the link, you'll have to check it out yourself! enjoy
  14. the truck is in colorado, i called him yesterday, i 'l see if he gets back to me with information, looking for 3500.00 for the truck, i'l keep you posted
  15. stumbled open a 1957 b 75 open cab mack for sale, former pa truck . light blue in color, trying to contact owner, any one know of fire depts in pa with light blue trucks, thanks
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