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  1. Finally got to the bottom of the shutdown issue, after taking the interior apart and tracking the wiring, locating the Kysor system and sensors it comes down to a faulty acuator solenoid. Looking back I should have taken this off and tested it first however it's been a good process, getting to know the truck in more detail and where some parts are. Below is the faulty part, I have a new one coming from USA be a good week + before I see it here in NZ. Thanks for all the help guys,. It's been greatly appreciated.
  2. BC Mack I would say your pretty much on the money mate. I found the Kysor system you were talking about and located the oil pressure sensor. I disconneted both the oil pressure and the water level switch and started her up, she ran for close to a minute and then shut down. I played with the wires on the water level and the buzzer altered pitch slightly. At one point the shutdown light on the dash turned off and I was hopeful but then it shut down again. Now I have most of he dash apart and the sensors located I might get a sparky to come and give me a hand.
  3. Thanks very much for flicking those through, that's awesome. Ive been a little tied up with work but managed to meet my mate over the yard after he finished work and got the air starter tank filled up. I've checked the coolant water and fluid levels and are all good so tomorrow after work I'll disconnect the shutdown linkage, start her up and watch the oil pressure gauge, if it doesn't build I'll shut her off, if it builds fine then I would say the sensors faulty.
  4. Thanks very much for the responses guys, I have to wait until tomorrow evening before I try again as the air start tank is empty and I don't want to start letting Tyres down to start her if she doesn't run long enough to inflate then again. I havent a wiring diagram or manual for my specific truck but was reading up on other models. I have done some investigation work tracking the wires that operates the shutdown solenoid, this goes through to a pole on the ignition. Reading the manuals I have tracked a Kysor shutdown system to a pole on the ignition. I had never heard of this system before or where to locate it, so thanks "BC Mack" for the location. 👍👍 I'll double check all fluid levels and watch the gauges on start up. Cheers Sean
  5. Hi guys and girls around the world. I have recently come across an issue with my 1993 MH Ultraliner, it starts up fine but shuts off after around 20 seconds or so. Has anyone had anything like his happen to them or have you heard of it. Its a 1993 E7-400, there is a small air cylinder and a solenoid on the fuel pump which shuts the engine down, I cant find whats causing this to operate and shut her off. Cheers Sean
  6. Planning on shifting only one container. She's going to be a motorhome, semi-retire the old girl.
  7. I've actually just been and checked and I am mistaken, Mine is a E7-400, I thought it was an E6-400 but no. So yeah, I agree with you there Superdog.
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