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  1. Hi guys.currently looking at a 2001 Mack ch truck has a 427 Mack engine w/18 speed Mack,and Mack rears. will this motor hold up to pulling 154000 gross,(gravel trains in michigan).has 296000 miles right now.truck has double frame heavy front also.is it comparable to a 425 cat? Or something else.
  2. This is the older 13 speed correct?i think it has a .85 last gear.60-65 is good for me,but how many rpms. will it be turning.it has 11 r 22.5 low pros now but I can Change them out to 11r22.5.thanks for input
  3. Hi again everyone ,I am looking to purchase a 1993 cl 713 Mack .it has a 425 cat,13 speed and 4.42 Mack rears on camelback springs. is this a good set up to pull Michigan gravel trains.(grossing 154000). My concern is that it won't go fast on freeway.are the 4.42s to steep? Truck is original to my knowledge.
  4. Hi guys I have a problem.there is a nice Mack I want to buy but I think it's gonna be to slow.the truck is 1993 cl series with a 425 cat 13 speed rtlo14713 b.it has 4.42 rears.how fast will this truck go with 11r22.5,295.22.5 low pros,or 11r24.5 tires .the speedo is not working right now and it has the 295 22.5 low pros on it now.any info would be helpful thanks
  5. I have a 91 super liner w/ dual steering what is proper power steering fluid seeing how I never had to add now that I have a leaking hose to replace thanks.
  6. Maybe someone can help.i have a 91 superliner w/13 speed Eaton fuller.i replaced speedo cable it was broke ,speedometer still don't work.to test if cable is working can't you drive truck with cable disconnected from speedo and see if it's turning. Can the piece connected to trans be bad? I also replaced plastic tip that goes in trans.i can turn it from inside truck w/hand so I know it's free.
  7. Hi everyone,was changing a light on fuel gauge in dash today, screwdriver hit the the Hotwire and blew all dash lights.i know there is a fusebox that looks like a glove box on right passenger side.any other suggestions would be helpful ,thanks.
  8. Hello guys have a 91 superliner with 160,000 original miles.i was driving the truck 2 days ago and the front rear end started making a noise like ball bearings were swishing around in there.they are mack 44,000 rears on camelback,with 4:42 gears. Are mack rear ends prone to have problems that eaton,Rockwell don't.repair shop hasn't taken it apart yet.thanks for replies.
  9. Hi everyone I have a fuel filter question.91 mack superliner has a 425 cat. Primary fuel /water separator filter did not have a drain valve on it,neither did secondary fuel filter have one when I bought truck.mack dealer sells water/separator filters as does fleetpride without drain valve.i did find a luberfiner filter that did have a drain valve on it.my question is where does water go if you don't have drain valve.is the filter split so water can drain down? Which is the better filter?
  10. I have 44k camelback rears. Just had suspension totally rebushed about a month ago at mack dealer.is there an alignment for this because I was looking at suspension today and the tandems look out of alignment.it has rubber bushings not brass.nothing seems loose.does the trunion need grease on tube?or is this stationary. The reason I asked about alignment is because rubber blocks and bushings fit into place, and it seems like you just torque down bolts.
  11. If 4th and 5th are turned around how much faster will it go?
  12. How much does it cost to switch rear gears?
  13. is there a 13speed transmission that can be swapped out in 91 superliner.it has a 14613b eaton fuller w/425 cat and 4.42 rears.truck pulls good, but tops out around 60 or so mph.looking maybe for a little more legs.i know you can swap tires but just wondering if there is a trans to get more speed
  14. Was told today by mechanic that mack rears have 2 to 3 drain plugs or checking points for different parts of rears.is it true that oil from top of rear can leak down and overfill bottom of rear,and you have to drain excess oil every so often. First time having Mack rears so input would be appreciated.they are 44k camels on 91 superliner.
  15. How does the mack v8 compare to newer cat 475 hp, cummins n14 460 hp,electronic motors. I understand it might not be efficient like these but will it pull with them.
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