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  1. From the album: Mackdaddy's Mack Collection

    Too far gone for restoration but worth keeping. The gent in the photo owned the truck from the late 50's until I bought from him in 2006. He ran it through the mid 80's.
  2. From the album: Mackdaddy's Mack Collection

    This truck has a V8 and quad box. Needs to be restored but I am not sure it will happen.
  3. From the album: Mackdaddy's Mack Collection

    Joe is near 90 in this picture. He showed up every day during the show and entertained the crowd with some classic truckin stories.
  4. That did it folks, I am making the switch this weekend. On another note it would be fun to add other Mack rumors and folklore to the discussion. Like Zenon Hansen putting a gold Bulldog on his car and then not allowing any other employees to use the gold dog..............just him.
  5. I have taken some of my restored Macks to different shows. On occasion an informed Mack guy will comment that my mudflaps are on opposite of what they should be. They state that the dogs should be looking in at each other. One person said that Zenon Hansen laid down this law. But he did not come on the scence until the early 60's. So what is correct?
  6. You need to back off on saying a Jr is not a Mack. Anything worthy of wearing a bulldog is Mack enough for me. Besides I like my Jr. On another note.........I sure miss a call from Mike and I am sure you do too.
  7. Mike, Are you referring to JD's Cruiseliner? It is sitting at my yard. I know it runs but it does not have the aftercooler.
  8. Here is a pic of the interior. Note the thin steering wheel.
  9. Hi Mike I was going to try that but there is almost no room to get up in there. But I just need to get under it and try harder. As for the G model. It is there looking for a new home. I just don't have the room to store it. Let me know if you or anyone else may be interested. What about that steering wheel? Have you seen them like that? I should post an interior pic. Dan
  10. Hi Every once in a while you find a nice original low milage truck. This 64 B73 model is all there. It has a 250 Cummins, Quad box, Dbl frame, and approx. 220"WB. The steering is factory power. One unique feature at least to me is how thin the steering wheel is. Was this because of the factory power steering? and they decided to give the big boys some more belly room? The truck has no factory tach or speedo. They are in the 2 factory installed tachographs. The dash has a plate to fill it in and a nice big pyrometer in the middle. Only issue is the aux is stuck in direct and I think I will have to take the back end off the trannie to get to it?? The cab hs the sunken floor board. Is there new sheet metal available for these cabs?
  11. I notice that several of my late L cabs have all rubber window seals on the front. The metal surround is not used. When did this start and is it factory?
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