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  1. There are some 1970s Mack Truck Mud flaps [the red white and blue ones] for sale on ebay right now. Just type in Mack Truck mud flaps on ebay and they will come up. I know some of you have inquired about them before. They are not mine. just saw them on ebay
  2. Back in the 1974-75 era before I was able to drive my Dad took me to the Factory Branch in Oklahoma City to look at the trucks, I was a big Mack fan at a early age. I got this Mack Truck hat with the red white and blue patch on the front of it while I was there, they must have had 30 or 40 boxes of hats lined up against the wall. They probably sold hundreds of them a day , because I saw a lot of people wearing them every day. Just a good memory of mine from the old days!
  3. I like the old logo a lot better than the new one. I have a set of mud flaps with the 70s red, white and blue logo with the gold bulldog on top of the MACK letters, which I like better than all of them.
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