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    Longtime fan of the greatest trucks in the world Mack
  1. Looking for an old Mack Dealer emblem

    one on ebay right now, buy it now price is 74.99
  2. Back in the 1974-75 era before I was able to drive my Dad took me to the Factory Branch in Oklahoma City to look at the trucks, I was a big Mack fan at a early age. I got this Mack Truck hat with the red white and blue patch on the front of it while I was there, they must have had 30 or 40 boxes of hats lined up against the wall. They probably sold hundreds of them a day , because I saw a lot of people wearing them every day. Just a good memory of mine from the old days!
  3. 5 Color 70's Logo Mudflaps

    I like the old logo a lot better than the new one. I have a set of mud flaps with the 70s red, white and blue logo with the gold bulldog on top of the MACK letters, which I like better than all of them.