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  1. Love the green one! I'm more of a Pete guy than anything else.
  2. Hey guys I'm trying to save this old junk Brockway dump and I'm looking for 8 runnable 11r22.5 drives along with the dayton wheels to match and some 12r22.5s steers on daytons as well. I also need to find an RTO915 transmission. I'm in Duanesburg NY 12053. Thanks for the help in advance!
  3. almost 6k on mine now. I'm getting low 12s unloaded. Fuck DEF. I'm not really all that impressed. It gets the same mileage with my unloaded 14k deckover behind me. lol power wise is nice but regens kill it in both power and mileage. EPA is ruining the diesel world it's a shame.
  4. Put some time in the past few days. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  5. Rt915 was originally a twin stick air shift. Don't think they hooked up the low.
  6. Plan is to make road worthy and haul locally. Although we're still feeling out our relationship this may change lol.
  7. Another quick video: Loving that old school alarm!!!<br/>
  8. Yea been there at least 10. Im surprised nobody snatched it up sooner its actually pretty decent considering.
  9. Yea I couldn't believe I found a decent one less than 20 miles from home!!!!
  10. Here are a few pictures from the CL add. Accurately shows condition. Once I saw it I cut a deal and then figured a day and time to go back and pay, get title and hopefully move it. Not sure if you can tell from the pics but she was pretty buried in that yard. Obviously no intention of moving or using it any time soon. Probably took me and my buddy about an hour to clean out all the shit in front of the truck so we could move it out of the yard. Brought the support rig down on Monday and got the old girl fired up and out of the yard. It's in their private drive waiting until I can get a lowboy there.
  11. god damnit google is junk. i'll get pics tonight. in the mean time here:
  12. Snagged this old junk yesterday. Sitting at least 10 years it took me most of the day yesterday to get it running and moving. Hopefully have it home this weekend. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  13. with the aux that low what would the rear driveshaft angle be?
  14. I dunno man... wouldn't be cheap though. Reality is when I'm done you'd be able to put it to work.
  15. Yea that was the one thing they actually gave me worth a damn was genuine gaskets for the tanks.... So the gaskets cost me $400. LOL
  16. Had to paint a few more miscellaneous items like this bracket for the leveling valve and also that shock mount i replaced. That brings us to present day with the back end all assembled with everything new. I was able to move it under its own power back into the weeds until spring. In the spring I will do all the air lines and finish buttoning it up. September 23rd is when I pulled this out of the weeds to get started and I just put it back again Sunday night 11/25. Not too bad of progress for 2 months. IMO. Thanks for reading through this mess, see yall in spring.
  17. Successfully completed a pressure test! About time. I can't express how bad this thing fought me. Fully assembled and ready for install. I'm also painting the air bleeds for the upper hoses. In the mean time i flushed the cooling system with cummins RESTORE while at temperature and then about 5 times with water. https://youtu.be/nVpCi8bofA0 Then since my drums were in excellent shape with almost no lip my buddy was able to turn them for me and after that I blasted them. Then we got them and the tops of the bags and the fan painted up. Then I got the radiator and fan etc put back in the truck. Sure looks a bunch better. What you don't see in this picture is the truck got all new wheel bearings, races, seals, and s-cam bushings all the way around. Finally ready for some new brakes and slacks! Bitch was thirsty. Finally over the radiator hurdle and holding coolant!
  18. Typical... have to tarp for rain again! Luckily paint cured just fine. It's as close as I could get it to the body color. I brought a panel with me to napa to match to when I bought the paint. With the truck paint cleaned up (not even buffed yet) it's a whole lot closer. Really excited to buff the truck next year now!! So what I haven't mentioned is that in the mean time the radiator has been at a radiator repair shop... now i did ALL the hard work and spent 12 hours removing all the fasteners and extracting broken ones etc. I loosely reassembled and punch marked everything for location and delivered to the shop to be cleaned, rodded etc. What I got back from them was half assembled radiator they said the core was bad on because of a small crack between 2 bolt holes on the header flange. They wanted $3000 for just the new core plus I had to pay $400 regardless for their halfass assembly work. I got this thing back and it wasn't even assembled properly let alone cleaned or painted. Didn't even bother removing corrosion in places. Needless to say I'll never bring anything to acme radiator in watervliet ny ever again. So now that the radiator is back home lets do it the right way... fully disassembled yet AGAIN. This time I sandblasted them myself. Since I had the blaster out I did the 5th and plate.... too bad the plate is wasted on the bottom side. Painting all my freshly blasted radiator parts: My buddy was able to fix the core no problem and the radiator shop did rod it before they found the crack so I figured I'd better paint it. Man she looks great all assembled right?!?!?! Sadly this radiator saga was far from over. Upon pressure test I found the sandblaster uncovered a porous casting on the lower tank. What you're seeing is water weeping through the casting in that spot. Back apart she comes. Took me twice to get it right but i finally ended up grinding it wide open and then using some DEVCON aluminum putty to repair.
  19. Swapped my steers over to some real wheels and put it back together in the front. Getting back to the part that really needs attention. She's lost her fifth and fenders. Broke a shock mount in the process so I unbolted it. Also got rid of the bent rear crossmember. Pulling airbags etc. Got a set of REAL headlights mounted. That's how a Peterbilt is supposed to look. Still coming apart however: Oh man this can't be good. What is all this? And so it begins... Typical I get done sandblasting at 3am just in time for rain. God I love NY (sarcasm) The plan was to primer Saturday but ended up getting rained out so we had to make a mad dash and primer AND paint for 14 hours on Sunday, as this was to be the last good weekend of the year and it's gonna rain on Monday. UGH. Wouldn't have made it without my wife's help. At least it came out good!
  20. As you can see the back half of the truck needs.... everything. lol We also had a bunch of work to do up front. The radiator has always had a leak at the seam right above the lower outlet. Out she comes. On top of that the single rounds and rock shields looked like complete shit and had to go! This poor radiator was in ROUGH shape. Here you can see where the leak was. The corrosion in this area was so bad it actually snapped all the bolts above that outlet. Core is filthy but appeared in good shape otherwise. First trip to the store. Ugh. The bleeding begins. Decided to pull a front wheel and have a look. Not too shabby. Cleaned up nice!
  21. Been awhile... though I had a buyer for this but as is typical money never appeared. Was only selling it so I wouldn't have to see it sit any more so I decided since I didn't need to sell it we'd make a better choice. First lets get the old girl pulled out of the weeds. Next lets get it turned around and in a spot we can work on it a little easier. Lets get to work shall we:
  22. My buddies is sick. He swapped in a hot 8v92 @ around 700hp currently.
  23. ugh that doesn't sound like any fun at all.
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