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  1. Anyone know if these are these hard to get? I have the cardboard panel to match too for behind the seats. Value/Trade??
  2. I sure will!! I am having trouble putting pics on lately but I will retry to. Or I can email them to you. Thank you!! Are you Joe Ditchkus's buddy that has an extra RS700L emblem?
  3. I took the pics on my cell phone while it was on my dining room table. The site has been difficult putting pics on here lately. I will try again.
  4. Anyone have one of these for sale. It is an aluminum brace for the front spring and bumper mount for the driver side. This one is cracked in two spots and I am unsure if a weld will hold and not break again. Please let me know. I have never seen an aluminum one, only steel.
  5. Anyone have info about this? There is a cardboard panel that goes with it that mounts behind the seats too in great shape!
  6. Do you or anyone have a 70's Cruiseliner grille emblem? The round one with red around the dog?
  7. He is asking $900.00 for the hood complete. It's not free. I need a grille assy and head light bezels myself and knew it was too good to be true.
  8. The truck has to be early 60's. into 70's. But the darn thing looks pretty complete.
  9. It definitely was in the way of something... This stuff kills me....
  10. I found this on Fecesbook for sale. An old R Model with a crawl through Mercury sleeper with mounts. "Someone RESCUE THIS PUPPY"!! It is under this: (78 to 85 international eagles some 90 just alot of everything mainly cats mechanical and 400 cummins Altoona, PA. Make Offers.)
  11. I personally would love to have this truck and remove the flat bed and add a fifth wheel. Then, restore a period correct trailer to pull. Amazing piece of Mack history!!
  12. Hello all, I am posting this for a friend of mine that is trying to sell this 1941 Mack EQ that is in amazing condition. The truck has been restored about 15 to 20 yrs ago and still looks amazing. I don't have all the specifics yet or drivetrain specs. But, if anyone is interested you can call, text or email him directly. He's a really good guy. So here is the info. Good Luck!!!! I will try and load the pics here or in another post. Paul Fisher Mount Pocono, Pa 18344 Phone (570) 842-5000 Fax (570) 842-1555 paulfisherinc@aol.com
  13. I am pretty sure he sold it. I will check and let you know when I can.
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