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  1. Looks great Dan !!! "Martin" would be proud !!!!!!! Do you plan on installing the hood ornament? OR..... Just a thought...... Since we are kinda going in a new direction here.. Will you be casting your very own "REBORN" slightly similar version for the hood of this outstanding build??? Just a thought..
  2. That roll off looks amazing!!!!! I hope to build one in the near future when I get time... I built a replica of my Dad's 1987 R model and transfer trailer. Scratch built the back of the cab, stretched the frame and scratch built an Accurate push out transfer trailer. Some of the best times I can remember were in that R Model..
  3. Hello, Happy Thanksgiving to all. If someone has some free time or is looking to bail during one of those crazy family visits, I am looking for the decal on an R-Model dash so that I can reproduce mine. It is not the cold starting instructions, but the other one. Mine is obliterated and I am hoping someone still has their original they can send a pic of for me. Thanks, and have a safe holiday.
  4. Too bad so far away. Very needed on this side of the River..
  5. In addition to a picture or new battery box decals, I am also looking for a new air cleaner decal for Donaldson air cleaner model #2MD498A(Tip Turbine). The decal number is#4MR385-P4. I have called Mack and is long discontinued like everything else... Any direction or leads are greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  6. Does anyone have an extra set battery box decals available for sale? I am looking for the decals that say: BATTERY SERVICE WARNING. Found on R series mostly. Or if someone has a clear picture of one they could send so I can have it reproduced please let me know. Thank you!!
  7. Do you need part numbers or just a general request of what we are after and year?
  8. Well Nick, I have been a Dan Bruno fan since the beginning of 2005-2006 and have followed his journey/obsession myself to the point that I was taking notes, printing data, spending tons of man hours buried in old part books, chasing parts, trucks for my own RD build, and continue to do so only to be told by Mack the parts you need are obsolete and to hit the salvage yards for NEW 40 year old parts.. Even though we all know there is still a market out there and Mack should retool and reproduce them. BUT, I am going to safely defend and agree with Dan's decision. The preservation of the concept in this case or build, matters more than the product itself. I also agree with Dan that Maybe the head honchos at Corporate Mack should take a stroll through here a little more and actually see and listen to what us consumers are saying. The last paragraph in Dan's October 5th post says and explains everything. There "CLEARLY" is a ring of truth to everything he is saying as well as everyone on here. Sorry if it sounds like a scolding.. But, a LOT of us that were raised in this industry made this movie part of their lives and loved the connection between the Mack and Convoy. That's what most of our Father's and Grandfathers drove. It's what we want to restore and drive now. Dan's Western Star concept makes total sense and if there was a reboot of the movie, and I hope there will be someday in the near future, those would be one of the two truck choices I myself would pick. So Nick, I say now would be the best time to make a few calls to the Mack Engineering and Industrial Automotive Design Departments and sketch up some of those brainstorms you have been having and show us all some concepts and ideas. Keep up the good work Dan!!!! A lot of us are happy with your continuation and obsession to preserve this historical vehicle and movie. Please stay on the grid and keep us updated and informed.. The truth does hurt, but I TOTALLY can handle it by the way!!!!!!!
  9. I just bought a passenger seat and wheel from Alex G. He has some in really nice shape. Reach out to him.
  10. I am still having trouble locating this spring/bumper brace. Anyone have any leads?
  11. Hello Alex. I sent a text today. Let me know when you can. Thanks!! Amos
  12. PaLawman

    R700 hood

    Conti construction had an old cab with steel dash and hood in Old Forge. I am heading that way on Wednesday and will see if it's still there. Also, I am looking for an RS700L emblem for my hood if anyone has one reasonably priced.
  13. I would vouch for Rich too!! I bought a pair of complete Brockway radiator bonnets in really nice shape. Great Guy and has a nice collection of dogs in the barn too!!! I was gonna call to see if he still had those F--Models and see if he would part with one someday.
  14. That is awesome!!! Glad the family has it and it is getting it's due justice then retirement. Yeah, it would be nice for these guys with these "AMAZING HISTORIC" trucks to keep us enthusiasts motivated, or anyone with pics please post!! I would love to see ANY progress on these trucks!!!! Does anyone know where the cabover ended up??? I think it was a K100 KW.. It was featured in the Dukes of Hazzard. Bad Ass trucks!!!!
  15. I found this and the pics on the Fecesbook-inter-web-o-gram where some lucky guy found an original Waylon Jennings Mack. Such an important music icon and part of Western American culture and history that it deserves to be restored, displayed and enjoyed by future generations. AMAZINGLY COOL BADASS FIND!!!
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