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  1. AWESOME!!! Great GoGo+ package.. Great pics too!!! Well, I guess I have to start buying up as many 1/24 scale Western Star model kits as I can to build this now. LOL.. I need some advice on my project too if you don't mind me asking. I'll PM you if you have time.
  2. Hey Dan, What power combination did you install in the Western Duck?
  3. That is great news Fuzzy!!! Hopefully they are affordable and versatile enough to be up fitted for all makes and models or with minor alterations. I will keep this in mind and forward.
  4. Nice project! Is this a factory A/C truck? If so can you send me some pics of the under dash a/c unit? Also, does your truck have aluminum front spring/bumper bracket braces?
  5. LOOKING GREAT Dan!!!! Are you powder coating the air cleaners and battery boxes? Love the blacked out Duck on the hood too. Are you doing the longer Grover air horns??
  6. No problem Trent, I am reproducing just about every decal for the truck inside and out made up. If your interested in a new air cleaner decal let me know. They were only a few bucks to have reproduced and look perfect. Mack/Volvo 🤢 no longer stocks or supplies them which I am sure your aware.
  7. Did anyone else find this on Facebook?? or reach out to the guy??
  8. I sent you a PM. Hope this helps you out brother!! Good Luck!!
  9. Sorry buddy I did not. I think it is long gone.
  10. PaLawman

    R700 hood

    Hey Brother, Are you still looking for a high fender R700L hood?
  11. Looks great Dan !!! "Martin" would be proud !!!!!!! Do you plan on installing the hood ornament? OR..... Just a thought...... Since we are kinda going in a new direction here.. Will you be casting your very own "REBORN" slightly similar version for the hood of this outstanding build??? Just a thought..
  12. That roll off looks amazing!!!!! I hope to build one in the near future when I get time... I built a replica of my Dad's 1987 R model and transfer trailer. Scratch built the back of the cab, stretched the frame and scratch built an Accurate push out transfer trailer. Some of the best times I can remember were in that R Model..
  13. Hello, Happy Thanksgiving to all. If someone has some free time or is looking to bail during one of those crazy family visits, I am looking for the decal on an R-Model dash so that I can reproduce mine. It is not the cold starting instructions, but the other one. Mine is obliterated and I am hoping someone still has their original they can send a pic of for me. Thanks, and have a safe holiday.
  14. Too bad so far away. Very needed on this side of the River..
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