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  1. I just bought a passenger seat and wheel from Alex G. He has some in really nice shape. Reach out to him.
  2. I am still having trouble locating this spring/bumper brace. Anyone have any leads?
  3. Hello Alex. I sent a text today. Let me know when you can. Thanks!! Amos
  4. Ok thanks!!! I will call tomorrow.
  5. PaLawman

    R700 hood

    Conti construction had an old cab with steel dash and hood in Old Forge. I am heading that way on Wednesday and will see if it's still there. Also, I am looking for an RS700L emblem for my hood if anyone has one reasonably priced.
  6. Does anyone have an upper dash plate where the ashtray drops in for sale? I am looking for one that is not cracked or riddled with holes. If so please send a pic and price. Thanks!!
  7. I would vouch for Rich too!! I bought a pair of complete Brockway radiator bonnets in really nice shape. Great Guy and has a nice collection of dogs in the barn too!!! I was gonna call to see if he still had those F--Models and see if he would part with one someday.
  8. That is awesome!!! Glad the family has it and it is getting it's due justice then retirement. Yeah, it would be nice for these guys with these "AMAZING HISTORIC" trucks to keep us enthusiasts motivated, or anyone with pics please post!! I would love to see ANY progress on these trucks!!!! Does anyone know where the cabover ended up??? I think it was a K100 KW.. It was featured in the Dukes of Hazzard. Bad Ass trucks!!!!
  9. I found this and the pics on the Fecesbook-inter-web-o-gram where some lucky guy found an original Waylon Jennings Mack. Such an important music icon and part of Western American culture and history that it deserves to be restored, displayed and enjoyed by future generations. AMAZINGLY COOL BADASS FIND!!!
  10. Mik Mak of Canada still makes custom sleepers for dual and single stack configurations. I reached out to them to see what a 60'' mid-rise flat roof would cost. Needless to say they would have been able to replicate something comparable for a brand new Mack. Maybe Mack just wasn't on board with the concept of what Dan was trying to accomplish. Dan, if your out there WE WANT ANSWERS!!!!! LOL..
  11. Thank You Jammer!! I sometimes have a hard time getting my pics or attachments to link in on this site. God I love that pic of that ole Gal!!!
  12. Hope the link loads. Here is Dan's YouTube post. Published on Jun 4, 2019 Convoy’s Rubber Duck Reimagined for 2019. Although we had fun finding, saving and restoring the 1970 Mack RS700L and 1960 Trailmobile Tank Trailer, along with finding and saving the purpose-built 1977 Mack RS700L used in the movie Convoy......we couldn't help but wonder what a modern version of the Rubber Duck's truck would look like. For a moment, we had to delve into fantasy land and assume that Martin Penwald (the Rubber Duck) was real and that the events of the movie Convoy were a reality. We started by assuming the look of the truck was chosen by Martin Penwald for whatever reason.....all black truck with some limited bright accents, single right exhaust, large modular sleeper, cab mounted old-school air deflector, long hood conventional, black interior and a long wheelbase 250" or more. Given the nature of trucking now, we also didn't believe that the real Martin Penwald would be interested in dealing with SCR, DPF or e-Logs. This narrowed our choices. Mack wouldn't talk to us about a single side mounted exhaust and wouldn't build gliders. Peterbilt things grey is the only color for interiors, and KW dropped the modular sleeper. Western Star and their local dealer Truck Centers, Inc. was eager to work with us and was willing to build exactly what we wanted. Securing one of the last glider slots available, we ordered in in July 2018 for June 2019 delivery. Please check back to follow along with the completion of the build and its debut around the country at key events.
  13. Just found this nugget on the internetowebogram... Glad to see Dan Bruno is back on the grid. I just feel uneasy about his new concept. Although, it is completely logical and makes sense... I just love this CLASSIC movie and the truck. But, I REALLY hate to see it be anything else... But, GREAT JOB Dan!!!! Your Western Truck looks amazing!!! https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=rubber+duck+truck&sp=SBSYAQHqAwA%3D
  14. LOVE that truck! GREAT JOB!!!!!! It looks absolutely amazing!! Cannot wait to see the interior cab pics. Were you able to sort out the air condition wiring issue?? Like I said mine is going to be a project tracing it correctly. So I decided to basically just remove the complete dash assy retrace the wires and eliminate the shotty electrical patch job and restore the dash while it is out. The 3M DI-NOC (textured) wood grain vinyl works PERFECTLY to reproduce the wood grain. Hope to see more pics soon!!!! Amos
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