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  1. Looking for parts for our newest addition.. Send me a PM if you come across anything or know a guy, that knows a guy that seen a guy that may know someone that knows someone who knows where something is at... LOL. THANKS!!
  2. LOL.. Yes!! I Love it.. It is a Family project. I found it on Ebay about a year ago where the guy was selling the hood and going to part it out. I begged, borrowed and stole to get the money and bout her. It is an early factory air conditioned truck too!! Build sheet from Mack says Kysor but it looks to be a RedDot unit. All original and I am the 3rd owner. We have been gathering parts and still need a few things. These Western trucks are very different and parts are weird.. The 1/32 trucks are a LOT cheaper to maintain and repair and I have a lot to catch up on.. LOL.. We have to decide if we
  3. Looking to see if anyone may have an undamaged Mack WS/Cruiseliner glove box door for sale? I think they are all the same 1977-80's.. If so send me some info and pics please. thanks!!
  4. I have ruined many paint jobs too with the metal sparks etching itself in then rusting by not covering the cab...
  5. Mercy sakes alive this certainly sounds like a GREAT idea !!!!! Going right into the hobby room.....
  6. Please send me a pic of this seat. I am interested. Thanks!!
  7. Rob what would you charge for making a matching pair of these? Absent the steel brackets. I can fabricate the brackets myself.
  8. AWESOME!!! Great GoGo+ package.. Great pics too!!! Well, I guess I have to start buying up as many 1/24 scale Western Star model kits as I can to build this now. LOL.. I need some advice on my project too if you don't mind me asking. I'll PM you if you have time.
  9. Hey Dan, What power combination did you install in the Western Duck?
  10. That is great news Fuzzy!!! Hopefully they are affordable and versatile enough to be up fitted for all makes and models or with minor alterations. I will keep this in mind and forward.
  11. Nice project! Is this a factory A/C truck? If so can you send me some pics of the under dash a/c unit? Also, does your truck have aluminum front spring/bumper bracket braces?
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