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  1. You have the VIN # ? In the past I have taken vin number to the dealer in person to the service desk or parts and they printed the specs for me . I also use Rigdig.com to check on any issues such as accidents and previous owners. I have had sales guy's give me inaccurate info in the past also. Hope this helps.
  2. That's really a plus to have that information. I hope you get some feed back. Did you talk to Rochester Injection in Mn to see what they could do for you?
  3. I cannot comment on that engine itself. I have a 2003 Pre emission engine , E 7. Do you have any details on the reman ? Is it a 3/4 Remack ? There are different levels of the reman. I have personal experience with this. You need to know if they did the full monty. ( IE , cam, head etc). .I too would like to know if anyone is running this engine. I would run a check on Rigdig.com on the VIN. I would also try to get the serial number on the engine and have a dealer look at the history. You need to know the level of reman, and they do not include the hang on parts. (starter, water pump, ETC).
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