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  1. On 1/17/2020 at 8:45 AM, davehummell said:

    In years gone by Cleveland brothers would keep a can of Bonomi if the rings didn't seat quickly when Kenny would run in an engine on the dyno. he would take a little and throw it in the intake on old style engines.

    I was told by an older mechanic around here my grandfather use to do the same thing.   Throw a hand full right into the intake.  

  2. I got 2 columns when I got.   I decided to use this one due to the 18” wheel, other has a 20”.   They where both from mr garbage trucks.   I took the extra apart and Larry was right.   Very ugly exposed shaft and spacers.     After further sitting on my garage chair I realized they also had 900 series (non canceling) turn signal switches.  Same as my B but they have dimmer switch.  I was able to switch the clamp and bracket to my already wired switch.   It raised the switch and moved it forward.   2DE98B54-8DF1-46C9-9D3B-79FD29C96A1B.thumb.jpeg.72453817026f44a45ddd1deab4bee857.jpeg

  3. The hardest part of the whole project would prob be hooking up the air system for the trailer if the truck is not set up for one. If it is, it’s just a matter of moving it’s location so not that big of a deal.   The hydraulics may or may not work but that could also be as easy as just changing the pump out and still use the pto that came with the truck.    

  4. I got my column all mounted and I’m happy with the wheel placement.  It’s very comfortable from driver seat.    Now  my question is.    What is this bell shaped piece on top of the column?   Can it be removed and if so how?     If I can remove it I will be able to mount my turn signal switch and trolly valve higher up.  16DD9902-3DFD-4ED0-B3A8-2623B3AB440A.thumb.jpeg.121e804e388534e40a843d519ad43a20.jpeg6BD57FFA-30A2-4595-B595-B2556E421B1E.thumb.jpeg.f8d99ba256d270c1c61a26b5d1bf72bc.jpeg 

  5. That’s what mine is.   It’s a Nelson.   On mine a buddy shortened it 3” or 4” so it fit right and didn’t go way up the window.    I have it as close to the fender as possible about a finger thickness.     On the 70 series B’s you have more space to slide it lower.  Idk about a b61


    on a side  note my buddy is a welder/fabricator.   He said this was the worst stainless he ever welded and was not at all happy with his welds on it.      

  6. 58 minutes ago, Rob said:

    It'll come out but you need to have the axle much higher than even a B42, or 61 series as you don't have the room to work the gear forward without a lot of vertical clearance. Drop the center link out of the way.

    Do the 61 and 42 sit higher then a 67?   Idk if I would have ran into axle clearance or not.    I couldn’t get it that far down.  

  7. After a few hours I got it out.  But not after using sawzall on shaft above box.    Floor layout gave me issues and also tilt of engine kicked oil pan flange and sump.   Once I got the sector shaft below the bottom flange of the frame I couldn’t get the box below the flange on the block the oil pan bolts to.       Then after cutting column off about 3” above box I got it wedged between spring and sump.    I don’t  really remember what I did then but eventually it came out.     After several hours I was running out of blood and patience.    It may come out all together but it didn’t for me.      

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  8. B67 steering box.     Will it come out of the truck with the engine in and cab on?    I’m not sure but I think this is a specific question for a b67.   I think the 61’s are mounted a little back further.      I’m not sure.     I don’t want to get it stuck part way then have it in the way to pull the engine, and I’m not ready to pull the engine at this time.    

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