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  1. replaced spline in trans. installing new clutch system, cannot get to adjust right. Tried for hours, when looks good ,will not fully release, pulled trans. again to check clutch. Any help much appreciated. Endt675,xio7 trans.
  2. 1980 MACK,ENDT675,,mechanic says trans. wore out,Any for sale?? Just completed inframe eng.overhaul.5 SPEED duplex,build sheet says trxl107 trans but think it has been changed,any ideas
  3. 1980 MACK,ENDT675,,mechanic says trans. wore out,Any for sale??
  5. reckon i need to word this different, is there an eng. tranny combo that i can put in a 1980 MACK, EXISTING endtb676, trxl107 trans.
  6. Gentlemen, i need advice. 1980 Mack ,grapple truck. ENDTB676. Have spent about 10,000 getting truck usable to work, crane rotation gear box went out ,not rebuildable, cheapest i`ve found is 5000.00.. in the interim,smoking on start-up ,down time took to ROYSdiesel, no 6 is cold. drive for awhile,get rebuilt,buy rebuilt, buy used ??? have the trxl107 trans. which i`mnot real happy with , none of these younger men know or have the patience to learn to drive.
  7. PULLED nut ,used mini skid steer with forks under tire,it slid right off,brake drums were in very good cond. no groove,,brake pads half inch above rivet. put new air chambers on ,work good, may adjust slack adjusters after a lil more road driving. Try to start on Mack smoking next week .
  8. thanks for input,what` will be best way ,pull wheel ,hub and spindle as 1 unit,or seperate,have mini skid-steer ,forks to hold weight and pull and reset . any techniques will be helpful since we have not done one,basic autos and smaller trucks only.
  9. ty for input,i` probaly will hire the brakes out to be on the safe side .and will check into the pump setting before going further. Just had injectors rebuilt.
  10. what is required to pull front Dayton style wheel Brake Drum.?? vChange valve seals ENDTB676 ?? BURNS BLUE GRAY SMOKE 1ST 5-7 MINS. OF COLD START ,QUITS AND SMOKES NO MORE OTHER CPLE SECS.BLACK ON GEAR SHIFT .
  11. Dayton wheels,t ruck rated at 83000 with proper tires,don`t know why in the world it wound up with 11r24.5~s on it.I` reckon i`ll tag at lower gross weight and go with the 12r24.5`s around city, tandem grapple truck for tree serv.
  12. thanks guys, i reckon maybe i`ll just go to the 12r24.5!s ... What to go to the 22.5`s, tire sizes ??
  13. You said to go up ,to me i`m trying to go down .5 from 24.5 to 24 was told i can put 12r24.5 on my rims,still leaves me at 7800 lbs. per tire. where as 1200-24 are rated 9300 lbs.per tire .
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