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  1. Name: Single Axle Dump Truck Date Added: Owner: Firefightingboomer123 Firefightingboomer123
  2. Cranna concrete bought 2 of the RD Mack mixers. They haul there own concrete, and buy the product off Elmhurst Chicago Stone, or Prairie Material.
  3. I've seen that Hendrickson hauling out of K Five on Rt.83 in Elmhurst, last year. This guy makes the rounds!!!!!
  4. Name: firefightingbopomer123 Date Added: Owner: Firefightingboomer123 Firefightingboomer123
  5. If You need to replace the hose, any fire apparatus supply co. could get it for You. If You are going to pump water through it, mack sure You don't pressurize it too much, otherwise it will burst!
  6. First Mack I drove, was a CF600 fire engine with a 5 spd, and a 300. Thing was fast!!!!! We also had a Mack Pirsch 100 ft. ladder with a 5 spd, but with a 250. Thing was a turd! On my days off from the firehouse, I started driving ready mix and semi dump. We had Valueliners and R600 mixers, with R model tractors, and 1 Superliner. All R models had twin sticks. Now on mixers, We have RD's and Granites. Dumps are CH's and some Rd's.
  7. That B model tow truck is up for sale at Celli's. One of our mechanic's from were I work was picking up parts off Manheim Rd. Don't know what it is going for though.
  8. My cousin Eddie Hodges was a broker for Elmhurst Chicago Stone Co.. As a kid, he had BD model Hendrickson's both diesel and gas jobs back in the 1960's. Then in the 1970's, he had the H models with the 190 Cummis with the 5 and 4 transmissions. They also had the H models with 6x6 conversions, that sat up higher than a normal 6x6. Meyer material, as well as John Aue Trucking, also had Hendrickson mixers. Mohr Redi Mix out of Oak Park still runs a couple of 1960 BD's hauling concrete .My cousin also had a couple of Hendrickson Bd's pulling semi dumps. I learned how to drive truck on the H models
  9. My boss Mark Kennedy has 3 RB's pulling the old Celli cement tankers.When he bought those trucks back when, he also had an F model day cab, and some R models
  10. I wish I had one!!!!!! I'm always driving someone else's for My side job!!!!! Hope to get a B mobel soon to play with!!!!! it's My mid life catching up with Me!!!!! Alway's been around redi mix and dump trucks all My life, that's what I do on My days off from the fire dept. Right now I'm breaking in on bulk cement tanker for the summer construction season. Drivin everything from the R model to CH's to RB's. Also Hendrickson's, FWD's, Oshgosh, GMC GENERALS' , Ford's. We also had a couple of Mack CF fire trucks when I started the Elmhurst Fire Dept. back in 1983!!!!!! They were stick shift, not
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