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  1. the way I have mine is with a plate like fjh was saying and I don't have a code present. I left the water circulating through it for the extra capacity because I don't like to lower the coolant volume.
  2. get moving pictures huh?? lmfao
  3. I bet the grenades are pretty heavy. Gambi have you tried the Double Happy brand tire? That's a goofy name for a tire but my neighbor uses them and swears they wear as good as my name brand. Yokohama cost me about $2800 per truck installed but he claims his Double Happy are only about $2000 out the door. If his dealer had a full set I would probably have tried them this time.
  4. WOW I couldn't take that, you must do a lot of off road?
  5. Mark how many miles do you usually get?? do you run centramatics? I run the Yokahoma straight tread trailer tires and usually get 300,00 or so but we go to customers with some very rough and neglected parking lots and loading racks so sometimes I spin a good bit. Years ago I kept having dishing probs on my drive tires with the 613 so when they couldn't find anything wrong with alignment I put centramatics on and it cured the dishing tires plus rode better and longer life for tires. I run them on everything now.
  6. when you boys get tired of playing in the shop come on over here I need a good front door. The 500 detroits are just in my way. I put on a new set of drive tires this trip. These dang Yokohama didn't make it but 311,000 miles.
  7. Thanks rhasler. I tried the bone yard panel and all is well with it. I didn't want to throw away $350 on a new panel if that wasn't the prob.
  8. You're doing a fantastic job shining and your truck looks like new. I used to do the shine thing but I'm too old and fat for it now so Truckomat and the brightener are good enough unless I go through Eloy and get the $100 shine.
  9. That's the kind of kind of business I like and wish he were close to me. I have a Mack dealer 40 miles east and a Mack dealer 40 miles west of me but they're both like going to a foreign land. I'll second the man's opinion about this site because I too think this about the best site I've found. There's no telling how many gray hair MackPro and fjh have prevented me from getting over problems on my truck the local shops couldn't find let alone correct. rhasler is showing me how to fix a gauge problem now but the local Mack shop says I have no problem.
  10. Thanks rhasler. Maybe my friend was right then. The company I'm leased to has a few wrecked visions in their bone yard so I can borrow a panel and check it out. thanks again for your help. Jerry.
  11. Gentlemen my o4 Vision is turning on the seat belt warning light and warning buzzer when I hit a bump and all instrument gauges are going dead. I can't find a loose connection and it goes back to normal when I bump the dashboard with my fist. It acts like a loose wire or connection but I can't find the problem so does anyone have a suggestion on how to check this out?? A friend suggested maybe a broken circuit board in the instrument panel so does that sound right?? It only happens when moving and the computer diagnosis at Mack Houston doesn't show anything wrong. Thanks Jerry
  12. I don't know about Vision386 but I don't think he was kidding about the child. I don't like to kid around about my family and don't think he does either so I'll excuse myself and STFU in this thread.
  13. That's a precious pic you have there. My 7 year old grandotter comes over and helps Grampaw when I'm home and her usual bribe is either McDonald or Dairy Queen for cones so I know what you mean. BTW--I'd save that pic for sure.
  14. you don't have any problem bigen that's normal for a Mack.. Speedy is right.
  15. I'm glad to hear it's going good with you. I've had no trouble since the fan hub bearings went out so I'm a happy camper. The fan hub is all that's went wrong since last winter and the coolant problems so I'm turning my Windy every week. Heading out to service her now and give her a bath. Good luck my friend I was just worried about you. Jerry
  16. haven't heard from you lately are you on vacation?
  17. MackMann you might try this young lady. I'm in Texas and found insurance close to home but while I was shopping she had a good quote when I called them. Ann Nolan 610-618 W. St. Georges Ave Linden NJ 07036 Tel #908-587-2619/800-726-8376 Fax#908-587-1682
  18. that's the way I have to drive mine too bigen. When I bought it I never had a no-lug Mack before so I dogged it too bad. Now that I run it like an old style Cummins it does fine. Mackman I think you'll like it once you get used to it. I love mine
  19. I can't give all the credit to the plate for better fuel mileage because at the same time I blocked it I put on a new turbo. Maybe the turbo and block combined to help?? I've been having exceptionally good luck with the old gal since fjh and MackPro talked me through the coolant pushing and turbo blowing nightmare. I had the truck at local Mack 5 different times with no improvements but then you guys here at Big Mack talked me through and we fixed it.
  20. According to what I've read I think I was supposed to have a 4-9 code but so far there's no code so maybe as you guys say the sensor is bad. My fuel mileage went up on average about 1.25 mpg and I have slightly more power.
  21. Yeah they just nit-pick trucks nationwide for a 3 day revival. I ran US 69, I-30, I-40, I-55, and I-57 from Houston to the Windy as usual with no probs. Ark was raising cane on I-30 but nothing else going on from there to Windy. Ark just motioned me on through and I was stunned because I always run flammable placards.
  22. Did anyone try putting the plate in to block the EGR yet? 40,000 miles on running mine blocked and fuel mileage is up and throwing no codes so the test goes on.
  23. wives looking over you 2 guys shoulders huh?????? I'm 6'1" and am here to testify all things are possible.
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