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  1. Does anyone have a right side electric power window motor for an r model laying around that they might want to sell?
  2. Do you still have the roof skin?

    1. Coenut


      No sir but I bought it from fellow member out in franklin pa. He had a few more.

    2. Coenut


      No sir but I bought it from fellow member out in franklin pa. He had a few more. Keg1

  3. Hey I have one that was built and sent to Winnipeg, 60" spacing 450 and 9 spd
  4. Looking at my photo's I'm pretty sure that's corbett's trailer. It was a 350 ton, they had used it once and it broke, the company from texas came and brought it back and rewelded the neck. That picture of the transformer is 335 ton.
  5. GERONIMO from Corbett Rigging. My grandfather was the one that drove it.
  6. Here are some of the pictures I have from my grandfather when he was driving Geronimo "aka now Double Ugly"
  7. My Grandfather worked for Corbett from 1956 until he retired in 1990. He drove that truck when it was brand new! Sold to mashburn in texas sometime in 75 then I believe it was owned by Bechtel in Upstate NY. The only reason i know it was Corbetts is because they took the ladders off the front of theirs. It had the V-12 Cummins.
  8. One of the biggest MACK's ever built!!!
  9. Ok I finally have some pics of the infamous M100. I have edited the name just for posting purposes but this truck worked in conjuction with a company my grandfather worked for (M75 pics to come).
  10. LOL definitely testing those 58's......i have a few pics from my father and grandfather with a couple of b-models with about 180k on them........most ppl dont believe it but pictures dont lie......
  11. Photo's of Corbett's M75SX
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